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  1. bazookajoe

    splendour up yer arse

    Yeah before the prices were announced I thought I'd be spending ~$800 or more and looks like I was right. Lineup is fantastic but I already have Strokes sideshow tickets as well. If BSS and Frightened Rabbit have sideshows on seperate dates I'd be super duper happy
  2. bazookajoe

    Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record

    booyah been listening to a few songs on their site and it sounds awesome
  3. bazookajoe

    splendour up yer arse

    In all seriousness BSS would be pretty amazing
  4. bazookajoe


  5. bazookajoe


    wat They were making out at the comic book place.
  6. bazookajoe

    The wire

    Best show ever but season 5 was pretty fkn bad
  7. bazookajoe

    UWS really isn't that bad.

    The fact you made this thread highlights that UWS is terrible
  8. bazookajoe

    Shutter Island?

    I thought it was fantastic
  9. bazookajoe

    MGMT - Congratulations

    Pretty shit
  10. bazookajoe

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    Manning chips are cheap as chips imo
  11. bazookajoe

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    Should have been done last year but I fail at succeeding :( just finishing some stuff off.
  12. bazookajoe

    Alice in Wonderland 2010

    This sucked so much. Alice dancing at the end was so excruciating
  13. bazookajoe

    Gorillaz: Plastic Beach

    Not too hard to be better than Demon Days. I've been listening to Stylo and Superfast Jellyfish nonstop past few days, rest of the album is pretty damn good but those two are amazing.
  14. bazookajoe

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    Well there's your first mistake.
  15. bazookajoe

    best and worst live bands

    White Stripes are still the worst band I've seen live, except for some shitty support bands. Just awful. Best I've seen live is The Hold Steady by a long, long way. After that I guess RATM, Sigur Ros and Broken Social Scene.
  16. bazookajoe

    Survivor Samoa

    The finale was such a fucking disappointment, most retarded jury ever
  17. bazookajoe

    Official Anticipated Album Releases

    Re: 2010 albums you're looking forward to lol Avalanches rumours have been abound since 05. I'm hopeful but not really expecting anything
  18. bazookajoe

    Official Anticipated Album Releases

    Re: 2010 albums you're looking forward to Frightened Rabbit!
  19. bazookajoe

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread This pretty much. And lol at Fergie complaining about injury time being too short, grow up.
  20. bazookajoe

    Triple J's Hottest 100 2009

    wtf, I didn't see Make Her Say on the list did you write it in?