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  1. gamja

    Advice for 1st-time driver?

    Could post this in a reddit sub - but i'd like to ask the BoS bosses for this one About to finish HSC this Friday and am planning to drive for the first time. Family SUV will probably learn from Dad. Any advice for someone who has never been at the wheel? How legit does my log have to be, and...
  2. gamja

    Maths Extension 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    I GOT 2THETA ASW WTF (no way NESA got it wrong tho...)
  3. gamja


    two choices: 1. caffeine (and risk the chance of crippling reliance for the rest of the exam period) 2. take a power nap
  4. gamja

    Good luck '23 guys you got this

    no, it's 16 - nesa already did answer 15 in 2022
  5. gamja

    Yo what u guys gonna do after the HSC ends?

    ugh don't get me started on the whole todo-list hanging around somewhere in my docs 😭 chem day afternoon will be spent sleeping in, maybe joining the boys for some valorant, and beginning the run bts variety show re-run (i haven't watched tv in years)
  6. gamja

    How we all feeling??

    fr us procrastinators loove mod c cus we can cook on the spot and have a relatively higher chance of stealing away marks
  7. gamja

    advice for incoming year 12s!! (class of 2024)

    i wanted to get above 3100 - to have a proper go at unsw, qld med, maybe even monash but i got a lot lower that I thought, and 2920 isn't a score competetive enough I basically have to get super lucky with my interview now at only a select few med unis, because my atar is also maxxed at around...
  8. gamja

    advice for incoming year 12s!! (class of 2024)

    quickly but properly test out all possible geographical places to study - living room, bedroom, local library, school library, off-hour tutoring place, etc and go to the two places where you are most efficient (switching up is important to help you stop getting bored). You can choose to go with...
  9. gamja

    Proof Question - unknown school trial

    i) was fine. However, I'm stuck on reconciling an e function with the rest of the inequality for ii). Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. gamja

    Why doesn't anyone talk about HSC-related adjustment factors?

    See affiliate links for UNSW, USYD, MACQ unis and their respective adjustment factors (imma refer to as AF from now on) for getting band6/5s in the HSC: HSC Plus 2023 Admission - Adjustment Factor points by UNSW program Academic Excellence Scheme - The University of Sydney Adjustment factor...
  11. gamja

    Selection ranks for 2023 lowered (?)

    rural or eas or indigenous pathways (i'm not sure whether you can use more than 1) - the only 'big three' special entry pathways that allow for a smol atar as above :( [your 'tgtbt' senses are correct]
  12. gamja

    How did your UCAT go?

    As some UCAT testing period has started from today - how did your 2023 UCAT go? What score did you get? Any unexpected things you had to go through?
  13. gamja

    my precarious academic situation (vent)

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve also experienced that going to the library is more helpful and I get more productive, but I’m currently dealing with the bad habit of making dumb excuses to not go. I’ve made a weekly schedule that revolves around a consistent rotation to the library - which plan on...
  14. gamja

    my precarious academic situation (vent)

    Agreed - i’ve relied upon that reassurance for a lot of my high school years ~ but i guess it gets humbling once your achievements are in the distant past and you fall behind people who’ve gotten a lot smarter and hardworking since then.
  15. gamja

    my precarious academic situation (vent)

    first of all i'd like to thank @dezross for inspiring me to spill my woes to the BoS community and find solace in NSW's bastion of academic and personal care. I don't have much time, so imma cut to the chase. I'm ranked 14th in my pretty beta school (most of yall would have probably doxxed my...
  16. gamja

    does chem give carried error?

    yes they do
  17. gamja

    uni ranks

    are there any rankings that differentiate unis or even specific university faculties based on employability/student experience? I feel like research output isn't as important in deciding which universities are 'better' per se.
  18. gamja


    I grinded through timed full Mock Practice Test A late at night, letting the time run out for each section until the last section of SJT - where I had 7 mins remaining after reviewing all my answers. Exhausted, I clicked the 'End Exam' button on the bottom left, hoping to see how badly or how...
  19. gamja

    UCAT new question type?

    yeah you're right - 5% as in top 5% or 95th percentile
  20. gamja

    UCAT new question type?

    also shouldn't this be in the medicine and health subforum? mods lacking today ig