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  1. MissyBella

    Nursing at Tafe

    Hi All, I'm about to start nursing at TAFE. Does anyone know what it's like? I haven't been in formal education and I'm not great at meeting people. I'm doing the course because I got a scholarship for the year and it means that it's going to mean I don't have to pay HECS for a year. Also -...
  2. MissyBella

    tafe GPA

    I'm actually extremely confused by how a GPA is calculated? Can someone shed some light?
  3. MissyBella


    How did it affect your life? It still does - I have chronic depression, which I have had since the age of 13 (I will be 20 in a few months). It's fairly well managed now, but during times of illness I haven't been able to get out of bed. I screwed up the end of year 12 because I didn't see...
  4. MissyBella

    Healthy foods on a student's budget

    ah! okay! I understand now! I read that like each of the apples were half rotten, rather than half the box being rotten! Thanks for the clarification!
  5. MissyBella

    Healthy foods on a student's budget

    Why would I want half rotten apples? >.<
  6. MissyBella

    Healthy foods on a student's budget

    That's for that :) how long does meat last, uncooked in the fridge?
  7. MissyBella

    cotton on group interview

    I worked for Cotton On and Cotton On Kids for nearly a year. It was a NIGHTMARE. I had to fight for EVERYTHING from being paid the right amount, to being given adequate breaks, to receiving my entitled payments on public holidays. My regional manager was rude and aggressive and I was told off...
  8. MissyBella

    The Idiot's Guide to cooking (things you can make in five minutes or less)

    Re: Recipies Suggestion Oh my gosh. Another tomato toast lover. *drools* Avocado on toast is also wonderful.
  9. MissyBella

    Healthy foods on a student's budget

    I find that I spend ridiculous amounts of money on food. Most weeks I spend around $100 buying fresh fruit and veggies, tofu, chicken and fish, bread with grains in it, etc. My diet is pretty okay. However, that amount of money is not really fitting with my budget. Ideally I'd like to only spend...
  10. MissyBella

    Depression and the HSC - how do you cope?

    I have to confess that I haven't read all the replies to this thread as there are 11 pages, but I'd just like to add that Lifeline and Kidshelpline offer wonderful free, confidential counselling services. Kids helpline counsels people up to the age of 25 and also has an online service, and...