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  1. Master Singleton

    Review of Western Sydney University

    Having graduated from Western Sydney University and University of Sydney I can safely say right now that Western Sydney University have an excellent Property stream within the Business School for both undergrad and postgrad whereby the professors within the Property stream still work within the...
  2. Master Singleton

    I'm doing good as well and I also hope that 2023 for you brings nothing but success and...

    I'm doing good as well and I also hope that 2023 for you brings nothing but success and happiness to you too.
  3. Master Singleton

    UAC sent rejection letters to students in error

    Seriously this will have serious repercussions as you know how sensitive teens are these days in particular with dealing with rejections. Remember that you are loved no matter what; so if you or a friend or loved one is in need of mental health support and assistance due to increased risk of...
  4. Master Singleton

    Hi how are ya? I hope that you'll enjoy your Christmas and New Year Holidays this year. :)

    Hi how are ya? I hope that you'll enjoy your Christmas and New Year Holidays this year. :)
  5. Master Singleton

    is UNSW physiotherapy good?

    From what I heard from my friends doing physio it honestly depends on the type of experience you wanted to have as all of them will have to complete placement at a hospital for physiotherapy as what University you go to for physiotherapy honestly depends on where you live and what type of...
  6. Master Singleton

    EE2 2023 Thread

    I highly recommend you to buy the book Economical Writing, Third Edition: Thirty-Five Rules for Clear and Persuasive Prose by Deirdre N McCloskey and read it over the holidays while practicing the 35 rules as in University this book have helped me greatly writing and articulating my ideas...
  7. Master Singleton

    This story will change your life for the 'Greatest'.

    Good luck with your future endeavours. GLHF!
  8. Master Singleton


    This aspect of the HSC is not transparent at all in terms of how schools scale final internal marks and allocate final internal rankings of HSC students. Thus making it difficult to calculate and predict your ATAR.
  9. Master Singleton

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    I've met Glenn Donald McGrath back in 2014 when I was volunteering at the McGrath Foundation Headquarters in Sydney; whereby I received a personally signed pink McGrath Foundation sports cap from Glenn McGrath himself as a token of appreciation. Despite some controversies he is still a laid-back...
  10. Master Singleton


    Congrats! Good luck with your future endeavours.
  11. Master Singleton

    First in course?

    Congrats on state rank and great results. Good luck in your future endeavours.
  12. Master Singleton

    Can you repeat year 12 or is it too late?

    Remember that Universites provides bonus points depending on your location and socialeconomical status. Also don't worry as I also didn't do as well for my HSC back in 2014 but did well in University. I would recommend you to enrol in a lower ATAR cut off university degree with a pathway that...
  13. Master Singleton

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    Congrats on such an amazing result and good luck on your future endeavors. Anyways the school I went to back in 2014 dropped out of the top 200 in 2021 and this year even worse as more and more students decided to do IB instead of HSC.
  14. Master Singleton

    #2022 HSC Chat

    We can only keep our fingers crossed :)
  15. Master Singleton

    2021 HSC SDD First In Course: My thoughts, comments and advice for future students [Guide]

    Congrats on your achievements! Lincoln, if you are interested in Maths and Computer Science, I would highly recommend Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)(Honours)/Science (Computer Science) at UNSW as from what I've heard from my friends its a highly challenging and rewarding experience.
  16. Master Singleton

    #2022 HSC Chat

    Good Luck 2022 HSC candidates. Remember to do past papers and practice, practice and practice :)
  17. Master Singleton

    ANU penalises entire class of 300 students for alleged plagiarism after being unable to find perpetrators

  18. Master Singleton

    ATTENTION: 2020 UNSW Undergrad Med School Applicants

    I hope medstudentsonline is transparent.
  19. Master Singleton

    HSC 2020 school ranks

    Here is a website to see the top 200 schools: https://www.bettereducation.com.au/Results/Hsc.aspx?yr=2020