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    Getting involved in uni

    Does anyone know how to volunteer for things like O week and open day at WSU? Also how to join clubs and societies? Do you just join through orgsync? I tried asking friends but they haven't joined any clubs and are too busy for it.
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    Security cameras and high schools

    Hi I was just wondering whether high schools in nsw have security cameras installed in class rooms I can see security cameras outside the school and in the computer room but in other classrooms there are devices placed at the top corner of the room. It looks like a motion sensor and blinks...
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    B Science (USYD) to B Health Science and Master of Podiatric Medicine (UWS)

    Hi Im currently in 2nd year B Science 2 USYD Earlier I was in a combined degree but did not like my other degree so i dropped from it last year as i was disinterested in it and started scoring less than average in its subjects. Now i am stuck doing a B Science @ USYD and want to transfer...
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    BIOL1001 and HSC/Prelim Biology Similarities/Differences

    yeah except PSYC1001 is a prerequisite for intermediate PSYC units
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    looking for an elective in the faculty of science

    Id recommend PSYC1002 and BIOL1002 I didnt do living systems but my human bio tutor said it was pretty good depends what major u want from your BSc PSYC1002 was pretty easy for me , u just need to get a grasp of the concepts from the lectures The final exam is 100 multiple choice with 5...
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    is it possible to transfer from medical science to science combine with nursing?

    if u transfer from med science u will need a WAM of 65 to enroll into the nursing units into 2nd year plus i think u need to satisfy the requirements of the BSc with 12 credit points of maths which i dont think u enroll in for med science im pretty certain that med science first year units...
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    MBLG calculations and notes

    im thinking about doing MBLG in 2nd semester and was wondering what calculations you need to do. I previously did CHEM1101 and got 73 and was ok at the calculations but i only passed CHEM1102. I found the spectroscopy and knowing the reaction mechanisms hard, but not the equilibrium...
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    Internal transfer Applying for credit

    are we supposed to apply for credit for all our units because im changing my major from chemistry to psychology so do i not put my chem units
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    Internal transfer Applying for credit

    I am currently transferring from a BSc/ B engineering at University of Sydney to a B Sc at the University of Sydney via an internal transfer If i apply for credit will the marks still be there or will it be like an outside transfer where the marks are not shown? Also if i failed a unit will...
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    Graduate medicine gpa calculation?

    If its the first 3 years what if u decide to repeat first year would your previous first year results count?
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    Graduate medicine gpa calculation?

    If you did a full year of a degree but transfer to another degree, does the gpa calculation for grad medicine take into account the first year of the degree you dropped or does it only include all of the degree you transferred to?
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    WRIT1000 difficulty

    Has anyone done WRIT1000: English style and method - people say WRIT units are easy but does anyone know if the assignments are marked harshly or content is difficult? I jst dropped MBLG1001 and I am coming from a B Sc so i have never done any university essays ever
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    Enrolment help

    At enrolment do u choose all of your first year and second year subjects? Also will u have to pay for anything during enrolment?
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    USYD mandatory maths cp

    Doin a B science @ USYD requires 12 cp of maths wat is their lowest maths unit? And can u list wat they have to study in it? i know that they have to learn calculus but wat else?
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    B science majors how does it work

    Also wat r electives ? is there a list of electives u can choose from?
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    B science majors how does it work

    i plan on doin a B science flexible @ USYD so wat do u do in the first year i know that u have to take a maths unit but wat else?
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    B science majors how does it work

    If u do a B science how many majors can u choose from Also do u choose all the majors when u enroll or as u go
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    Atar and school

    When we get our hsc marks does the school receive them as well and do they also obtain our atar i was jst wondering this as it baffles me how they were able to show previous students atars at the schools academic assembly Also would a 90+ atar without a band 6 make me eligible to...
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    B Advance science pathway to medicine

    Is it possible to do a double degree in B law/ B advanced science? And if so when transferring to medicine via the pathway would the gpa be calculated from both courses and r u eligible for the pathway