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  1. ane_st

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    i work @ liquorland so obviously 18 get $18/hr and am casual :)
  2. ane_st

    Semester 2 classes

    Ive got 3 days this semester again, well technically 4, but im not coming in for a one hr lecture.. This semester im doing SOCW1003 - Human Behaviour 1 SOCW1002 - Communication and Social Work Practice LING1500 - The Use of Language PHIL1011 - Minds, Bodies and Persons Apparently...
  3. ane_st

    High Incidence of Cancer in Morven Brown?

    Bahh im in that building like 2 times a wk.. Ohh well
  4. ane_st

    Word limit for IRP?

    Your teacher will decide on your word limit, when i did mine i think it was like 3000 or something... So just ask her, cause she will be the one marking them!!! Good luck!!!
  5. ane_st

    Chill out people - the HSC isn't that hard

    I think the best way for you to motivate yourself is to aim to achieve something, lets say you need to get into a course (if you wanna go to uni) well you should check out the UAI, say its 75, then aim for something around that number, the way i see it, is if you get the UAI for your course...
  6. ane_st

    Home and Away

    I havent talked to him, seems just a bit inappropraite, but i do know its him I was shattered to find out he was gay :( :( Oh and i found this on wikipedia, its a bit much though, why would someone possibly but his tute time on the site, thats just weird
  7. ane_st

    Home and Away

    You know that guy that use to play Jesse in like old school HAA *hears yes* well he's goes to my uni, i see him in my psyc lectures and ive sen him other places to
  8. ane_st

    Home and Away

    That would be funny :D but i believe the clean version is 'slag' what is slag? ive never heard anyone say that!?!?! i missed HAA today, i blame uni
  9. ane_st

    why do you wear heels?

    they're just hot
  10. ane_st

    Home and Away

    Martha looked hot tonight, well her makeup did esp. I think Cassies attempt to start a phone service is meant to encourage everyone to do what they believe what a cheap attempt
  11. ane_st

    Psyc tutorials

  12. ane_st

    Psyc tutorials

    Ok so next wk, they told us we have all our psyc tutorials in lab 209A Only they didnt tell us where that is, cause you know we're not new or anything So my question is, where is lab 209A??
  13. ane_st

    The UNSW bus queue at Eddy Ave

    Where can you get a travel pass from? Cause apparently people get pissed when you have to pay and hold up the line.. Its not my fault im new :(
  14. ane_st

    do we...

    Go onto unsw and check your timetable, scroll down and you will see your timetable written up, check what wks your tutorial is running, ive got mine on thur from 12-2 and it starts at wk1, so yours probably should to
  15. ane_st

    do we...

    I see your also doing social science part Cause im also doing 'social science and policy' and we do have that tutorial
  16. ane_st

    do we...

    Ok well i just checked my timtable description thingo And it says what wk my tutorials start So that told me which ones start wk1 or wk2
  17. ane_st

    do we...

    ...have to go to our tutorials on the first wk?? Cause i was told that we only had to turn up to lectures, im mainly asking cause my first class is a tutorial.. Does anyone know?
  18. ane_st

    Home and Away

    This was the first episode ive watched in probably 4wks And it was ok, poor martha and rick and why is the red head (sam is it?) living with jack??!
  19. ane_st

    Excited about starting uni.?

    I am a excited in some ways, but then the whole travelling for over an hr twice a day four times a wk pisses me off :D
  20. ane_st

    how do you stay motivated??

    The best way is to work towards a goal Lets say you want to get a certain UAI for a course, work towards that, or an apprenticeship or TAFE, just work towards the goal, thats the way i found my motivation, mind you this happened maybe in july/august when i realised the hsc was close