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  1. X2RADialbomber

    Organising Uni notes

    I bring one book to uni and write all my notes in it. When I get home, I take the notes out from each lecture and file them into a folder divided into my subjects. Once the tutorial work for that week is done, I staple it to the lecture notes for that week so that nothing gets lost.
  2. X2RADialbomber

    WebCT unit websites.

    ECOP2011 came up this morning for me but none of my other subjects are up yet. I still have a subject on Blackboard from Semester 1 in first year :\
  3. X2RADialbomber

    Semester 1 timetables 2011

    Why don't you try to block out Friday when you try to customise your timetable? That should be able to help. By the way, you should check if your SCLG1001 lectures are on at 2pm on Tuesday and Thursday as well because you could possibly go to them instead of the ones at 9am.
  4. X2RADialbomber

    Semester 1 timetables 2011

    2 days off... I'm very happy :)
  5. X2RADialbomber

    mentoring program

    That's a shame :( You should have your student number already. Don't you get it at enrolment? The mentoring thing happens on the 21st of February so I hope you'll still be able to register. If you want, you could possibly email the Arts Network and explain your situation (arts.network@usyd.edu.au)
  6. X2RADialbomber

    fucking timetables

    Really? My bad. I've been checking every day and I only could change things today :\
  7. X2RADialbomber

    mentoring program

  8. X2RADialbomber

    fucking timetables

    Enrolment variations are open today... if anyone cares :P
  9. X2RADialbomber

    mentoring program

    I did it! It was pretty awesome. It's a really good way to make friends before uni actually starts. I'm still really good friends with the people who were in my mentoring group. You're also given an extensive tour of the uni and the mentor shows you where all your classes are (that's if you've...
  10. X2RADialbomber

    Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences - Double Major

    I'm doing the same degree and am also planning to complete two majors - in Government and Industrial Relations. The only way I could fit the second major was to complete a second year IR subject in the 2nd semester of my first year. I was only able to do this because there is only 1 junior unit...
  11. X2RADialbomber

    Completing combined law in 5 years afer transfer

    Thanks for your detailed reply. I'm hoping that I'll still be able to gain credit for the subjects I've studied. I know that I will probably will for the subjects I've studied in Politics, Sociology and Industrial Relations but I am kinda worried about the political economy units I've studied...
  12. X2RADialbomber

    Completing combined law in 5 years afer transfer

    If I transfer from my degree Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at Usyd (it's a fancy name for a BA) into BA/LLB at Macquarie, will I still be able to finish my degree in the next four years without completing summer school? I've already finished one year of study in the BPESS...
  13. X2RADialbomber

    Laptops for Uni

    Re: Laptop Vs Paper Paper. Laptops are incredibly distracting!
  14. X2RADialbomber

    USYD/Macquarie Uni transfer questions

    Hi everyone :) So I received an offer to transfer into Arts/Law at Macquarie Uni and I've accepted it. I currently am studying a course at Sydney Uni. I have accepted the offer online and have to go through a few things in the enrolment process. Should I wait until the 11th of February (when I...
  15. X2RADialbomber

    Early January Round Offers

    If you're asking me... I saw it on UAC yesterday
  16. X2RADialbomber

    Early January Round Offers

    BA/LLB @ Macq. Not sure if I'll take it though. I also found it quite odd that I received an offer today... I thought that only mature age/STAT people received offers for this round.
  17. X2RADialbomber

    Site Update

    Yay! :D Thanks Rafy
  18. X2RADialbomber

    Semester 1 2010 Results & Predictions

    ECOP1001 70.0 Credit GOVT1101 85.0 High Distinction SCLG1001 Incomplete WORK1003 80.0Distinction I really am happy for these results but why is it saying incomplete for sociology?!
  19. X2RADialbomber

    Hey boyfriend :P

    Hey boyfriend :P
  20. X2RADialbomber

    Family law Act 1975

    I did a very similar assignment on the FLA and found the Hansard (Parliament of Australia: Hansard) to be very helpful.