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  1. J

    Notes for Maths advanced, earth and environmental and visual arts

    All notes are nice let formatted. Maths notes are very aesthetically pleasing lol. Earth and environmental notes done according to each dot point. Each subject is $5 for everything, and happy to send samples ect. Advanced maths notes cover yr 11 and 12 content
  2. J

    full prelim EES review: great for quick revision

    quizlet terms in a summary table, link to flashcards on notes
  3. J

    module 5 complete notes:equilibrium and acid reactions

    concise notes covering every dot point in module 5. if anything is missing or is incorrect, please let me know so I can fix it up. hope these help everyone and let me know if I should upload future modules and my biology notes :)
  4. J

    complete prelim biology course summary/glossary notes

    complete prelim course summary/glossary notes. a combination of some quizlet sets. has a link to the flashcards on the 1st page. have prelim chemistry summaries swell of anyone is interested.
  5. J

    preliminary chemistry module 1- notes

    module 1 preliminary dot point notes written using syllabus as a guide, equip with lots of pictures, diagrams and tables. hope these help, more modules coming soon! :)