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  1. bethdocker85

    individual and society

    Yeah, I pretty much agree. It wasn't too easy, but it wasn't overly hard either. I thought the "intimidation" bit of the question was really odd, but I think i managed to work it in by kinda linking intimidation to oppression, and saying how intimidation of society's values and stuff kinda...
  2. bethdocker85

    Module C - Powerplay

    OMG. You do like all the same modules as me?? haha how funny. I do Antony and Cleopatra as well. But yeah I agree, I was suprised at how easy and simple the questions were. espescailly this one, usually its so hard to decipher but it was just so damn straightforward. took me aback a little bit...
  3. bethdocker85

    Module B - Wild Swans

    Haha I do! I know, like no-one in the state does it pretty much! I love Yeats :)
  4. bethdocker85

    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    I didn't think it was too bad. I did Yasser Arafat, and I pretty much argued for and against the question, providing examples of how certain events shaped him, but also mentioning how, in certain circumstancs, he shaped the events he was involved with. So yeah, got about 6 pages down. I gotta...
  5. bethdocker85

    Arab-Israeli Conflict. Worst. Topic. Ever.

    Anyone do this topic for Peace/Conflict section? I'm under the understanding that apparently like hardly anyone in the state does it.. cause it's so damn hard and so damn confusing! Trust our school to choose it. But if there are any fellow A-I Conflict sufferers here... how did you find the...
  6. bethdocker85

    Usa 1919-1941

    Yeah I did the government intervention question. I was so happy it was there cause it meant I could pretty much repeat my essay on Hoover/FDR/New Deal which I got full marks for for trials. I basically talked about a contrast between Hoover and FDR's policies, the New Deal social implications...
  7. bethdocker85

    So using the materials here, how did you do.

    SO BAD. I swear that was like the hardest general paper like since the course started. Out of all the prac papers... argh that was just so bad. I think i prolly got somewhere in mid 80s. It was hard to mark cause i forgot what i did for some questions n some stuff i got the answer wrong but i...
  8. bethdocker85

    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    OMFG it was terrible. I was so suprised at how hard it was. And I'm coming first in my year (at a pretty good north shore private school as well) = now I'm freaking out. Cause if I did badly, I've screwed up the marks for everyone else. Argh. I'm gonna redo the exam and check my answers from...
  9. bethdocker85

    Emma/Clueless, W.B Yeats or Antony and Cleopatra... Thoughts??

    Yeah, I think the broadness of A+C Q kinda freaked me out, and at first I was like, challenged?? how?? omg! but then I managed to pull something outta my ass! haha but yeah i think i waffled a bit as well. I though E/C was my best section. I think cuase the question was a bit more specific I...
  10. bethdocker85

    just a question for you english buffs

    Ok. So here's how it works. The top mark that the person in your year who is ranked first gets is the top mark any of you can get as your school assessment mark. = the person who gets the 8th highest mark in the exam is what your assessment mark will likely be. you keep your straight exam mark...
  11. bethdocker85

    Paper 2 Section 2 Module B

    It said focus on AT LEAST ONE = you can focus on more than one! da. I read the question, and I focused on 3. So you're all good.
  12. bethdocker85

    Paper 2 Section 2 Module B

    I did Yeats, and the emotions I did were love, passion and desire. :)
  13. bethdocker85

    Emma/Clueless, W.B Yeats or Antony and Cleopatra... Thoughts??

    How did everything think they went on these? [If anyone even did them? Haha our school does such random electives! :P]
  14. bethdocker85

    the 'what would you do differently if you could do your exam again' thread

    Heck yes! I don't care if I fail, as long as I don't have to do these horrible exams another time over!!
  15. bethdocker85

    the 'what would you do differently if you could do your exam again' thread

    haha, it's "c'est la vie" it's french and it means, it's the life ;)
  16. bethdocker85

    Section 2 - Who used quote as central idea, who just slotted the quote in somewhere?

    Re: Section 2 - Who used quote as central idea, who just slotted the quote in somewhe First of all, I'd like to say I thought it was heaps dodge that the BOS couldn't even be bothered to think of their own quotes for stimulus, they had to steal them from the texts we had already analysed in...
  17. bethdocker85

    Music 1 - General thoughts

    same!! i was like, OMG! I think the examiners thought I was a bit wacky. jumping in shock and spontaneously bursting into laughter... crazed, ay? ;)
  18. bethdocker85

    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    Yes!! I did On Giants' Shoulders!! Haha I thought our school was like the only one in the state which did it! It's so crap. What did u write for unexpected destinations? I kinda blabbed on about how they didn't expect to reach these great achivements and they were just normal ppl etc etc.. and...
  19. bethdocker85

    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    I thought it was heaps good! Smashed it! haha. Section 1 = 9.5 pages (hardest by far) Section 2 = 12.5 pages (hard to adjust story to stimulus, but think i managed ok) Section 3 = 11.5 pages (random q, but turned out ok) Much better than I expected, so I'm happy! :)
  20. bethdocker85

    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    Overall, I was actually quite pleased, and surprised as well. I was expecting it to be SO much worse! Section 1 - 9.5 pages I thought this was def the hardest section! Text 3 was whacked, and took way too much brain power for my liking to properly understand. I thought the big 5-mark question...