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  1. xD LOL xD

    Truth about CUMBERLAND!!

    Lol yeah I was trying to make the point that it's not as easy as to get into masters of physio as iceman leith said it was. Yes you're guaranteed a place in Masters of Physio if get a Cr+ average in Exercise and Sport Science or Human Movement Science at usyd, but even if you get in, you...
  2. xD LOL xD

    Truth about CUMBERLAND!!

    Sure you could do two degrees, but how many Master of Physio places are HECS places though?
  3. xD LOL xD

    enrty into medicine HELP!!!

    It's up to the uni's discretion as to how many people they actually let in...it could be all 10% places up on offer [say 15], or it could be 3.
  4. xD LOL xD

    READ ME: Science degree FAQs

    In really basic terms: Bachelor of Medicine = being a doctor. (involves 5-6 years of study, is harder to get into) B Med Sci = not being a doctor. (involves 3 years of study, 4 with honours). B Med Sci is just a specialised science degree.
  5. xD LOL xD

    MedSci 09

    Actually SCIF1111 is 6 units. So it must have changed from when you did it.
  6. xD LOL xD

    MedSci 09

    ?? It was the cheapest course in first year med sci, for me.
  7. xD LOL xD


    2/3 of my math tutors were absolutely shocking! Seriously did not know their shiz. My friends seemed to pick all the awesome ones, like Bose [who's also an excellent lecturer] and a few others who I can't remember...been a while.
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    what are you craving atm?

    An organic mango. Not that there's anything wrong with normal mangos, but organic ones are oh oh oh orgasmically good!!
  9. xD LOL xD

    tutor a med science student

    :speechless::eek: There was a SCIF/PISM 2??
  10. xD LOL xD

    BABS1201 question

    I didn't use Knox heaps for BABS1201, the course is taught quite well. I had a great lab demonstrator, who was a little strict but made things fun! And the lecturers are quite clear in delivering the content. I used it more in BIOS1011 [DO NOT PICK! AWEFUL WOEFUL SUBJECT!] because as Tim said...
  11. xD LOL xD

    MedSci 09

    Lateral entry. ;) How many people are enrolled in the course this year? First year isn't that bad...except for the timetables...is SCIF still in the 6pm-7pm spot on Tuesdays? *shudders* Lol the good thing about SCIF is there's no final exam [it's a take home, creative writing type...
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    Polylactic acid (PLA) help please

    :eek: How could you not find any? Did you put PLA into "search"?? It's worth the effort looking around ;).
  13. xD LOL xD

    Official HSC results.

    Dude, there are heaps of study tips threads, just look around the forums in general or go to a specific forum like the Biology one for specific tips on how to ace bio.;)
  14. xD LOL xD

    wollies group assessment

    :rofl: oh so true!!
  15. xD LOL xD


    :lol:;) :rofl::rofl: Ahhh, some of the funniest things happen during exams. Like the time our old chem teacher, who's quite tall, sneezed really loudly behind a girl who was concentrating, and she screamed in fright and the whole hall turned around and cracked up laughing. :mad1: I sat next...
  16. xD LOL xD

    how much study are you doing a day?

    :wave: I'll admit I didn't read you essay, just the intro and conclusion (I skimmed the rest) and also I’m not doing your texts. I highly agree with what Jachie says, don’t start off paragraphs with 1st, 2nd …and don’t write “in conclusion.” - it lacks sophistication. In short: the intro...
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    Trials Results

    BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! :rofl: Oh you're a funny one ;) One last assignement. Due tomorrow. That is all.
  18. xD LOL xD

    Trials Results

    <3 your sig :uhhuh::D Woah everyone is doing soooooooo spectacularly!! Keep it up peoples. :p
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    Inspirational Quotes/Movies

    Re: Anyone got any Inspirational Quotes? Twelth Night (I did it in year 8;)) "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them" GooD LucK BoserS!!!:D <3 a certain laughing bean-head :rofl::lol:
  20. xD LOL xD

    Can anyone help me with my yearbook plz?

    Not you, Sam :p *kidding <3* We're having a year book on CD, kind of defeats the purpose though. At least we can add music, slideshows and all the wonderful drama performances.:D:D:D