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  1. fallen__angel

    Will you ever break up because parents told you to?

    yeah sure distinction averages + are all good and all that, but its not marks that make a person. depending on which occupation you enter later on, hsc/uni marks aren't going to mean anything. employers want to see what you can do - you may be good at hitting the books but can you do the job...
  2. fallen__angel

    Dentistry at La Trobe?

    so which uni is best for undergrad dent?
  3. fallen__angel

    Will you ever break up because parents told you to?

    I have broken up with my current bf because my parents forced me to. But in less than a week we were together again because I knew my parents were wrong about him, and he's the sweetest, funniest, cutest, devoted person I know. So would you break up because the parents said so? It all depends...
  4. fallen__angel

    Truth about CUMBERLAND!!

    one of the problems with MRS, more specifically radiography is that the uni keeps on saying that the cumbo campus will be moved to main campus so they haven't update their equipments in 10+ years. That means you get to work with ancient machinery which could be donated to a museum...
  5. fallen__angel


    just in case anyone misinterpreted my post, radiographers ARE NOT the same as radiation therapists and nuclear medicine techs. They are all medical radiation scientists, but they specialise in different areas. The demand for radiographers is grdually slowing down. there's alot more younger...
  6. fallen__angel

    Diagnostic radiography????

    why go to newcastle when you can go USYD? =P I'm not studying at newcastle uni but I imagine their course can't be too different from USYD because its all regulated by the AIR. Radiography and its accredited courses are regulated by the Australian Institute of Radiography, and they make it...
  7. fallen__angel


    I reckon the physics briding course is a waste of time and money. seriously. $200 or something for 2 days. rip off. and they redo the material in the actual lectures when you're in first semester. I did 2U maths, biology and chem. You'd need a solid understanding of chemistry and biology, but...
  8. fallen__angel

    Health risks of medical radiation courses?

    think about this...if you get a chest x-ray done, the radiation you're getting is about the same as what you'd get on a 4 hour plane trip. Now as a x-ray tech, not only do you have to go a fair bit away from the x-ray source (inverse square law), you're hiding behind lead glass too. And...
  9. fallen__angel

    Best Lecturers at USyd

    Ann Murphy for Structure, Function and Disease
  10. fallen__angel

    Radiography/Radiation Therapy at USYD

    You will find some information with the previous threads regarding radiography. srsly, go read them they will be useful. Currently in NSW there are 3 universities providing medical radiation science as an accredited course by the Australian Institute of Radiography: University of Sydney...
  11. fallen__angel

    considering diagnostic radiography... hsc subjects

    haha i drew anatomy diagrams into my booklet so i don't have to keep looking at martini or carry it around during exams.
  12. fallen__angel

    Diagnostic Radiography/radiation therapy

    oh yeah maths forgot about that:p srsly though if u didn't do phys you'd still get along ok
  13. fallen__angel

    Diagnostic Radiography/radiation therapy

    2004-06 UAI cut-off for radiography was 89.00, and i THINK in 2007 it went up to 90 - don't quote me on that though. Recommended hsc courses are either two of: chemistry, physics, biology. They're not pre-requisites, but very useful as you would have enough basic knowledge to grasp certain...
  14. fallen__angel

    The Anime Thread

    eeeeek >.< not even the small asian dvd stores would have them?
  15. fallen__angel

    The Anime Thread

    does anyone know where i can get a blu-ray for code geass? i prefer not to buy it online since i have no credit card >.<
  16. fallen__angel

    considering diagnostic radiography... hsc subjects

    2U maths is enough. they give u equation sheets for phys exams anyway =P It would be good if you do bio though. There is ALOT of anatomy and physiology involved. However there is nothing to prevent you doing radiography if you only do one of the recommended hsc sciences (bio, chem, phys). I...
  17. fallen__angel

    Health risks of medical radiation courses?

    It is mandatory to wear radiation monitors and lead gowns in theatre. In normal x-ray rooms you hide behind lead glass. The whole point of the radiation monitor is to see how much radiation you're getting, and if you exceed a certain amount you're not allowed to work till the dose wears off...
  18. fallen__angel

    Do i need an interview for medical radiation sciences?

    There is no need to go thru any sort of interviews or medical entrance exams for any of the MRS streams. It is based on UAI cut-off. The 07 cut-off was 89.00, and has since then risen to 98.10 if i remember correctly. I have no idea what you mean by the application form for undergrads...But...
  19. fallen__angel

    Question about Radiography and Pharmacy at uni

    I'm in second year radiography atm, and I didn't do physics at school. The physics briding course was alright (despite being a rip-off), but in the lectures and tutorials they go thru the necessary physics in detail so really the briding course is only for if you know nothing at all about...
  20. fallen__angel

    cumberland 07

    I'm doing MRS Diagnositc Radiography! I had a look at the notebooks/lecture notes that I had to get...human anatomy *shivers* all those names for every muscle, tendon and bone in the body...argh