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    Usyd to Mac?

    Essentially how I feel too. Prestige DOES matter to an extent, but marks are also very important.
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    Easy 100 level units.

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    ASTR170 or ASTR178?

    I did ASTR178 in 2012 and I found it to be a good course overall - not too hard either. But in terms of what it covers, ASTR170 is probably going to be broader.
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    Strike Next Tuesday

    I have classes to attend haha..:rotfl:
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    LAW214 Jurisprudence

    Anyone reading this doing it right now / had past experience? To those that have completed this.. any good words / encouragement to those currently doing it? :uhoh: How did you find the marking for this subject? Was it harsh / lenient? Cheers
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    MQU Sem 1 2013 Results Thread

    How did everyone go this semester with their marks? Feel free to share your marks or grade range (if you're shy), thoughts and comments on the units you have completed and any other advice or information to others :) I'll begin: LAW109 Criminal Law: 82 (one of the workload heaviest...
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    Mac Uni Cafes and The Globe Cafe

    Always thought it was just for staff ==
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    I did ACST101 in S2 2012, didn't buy a book and passed the course with a Distinction grade
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    Student Amenities Fees

    I assume it's been deferred
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    easiest planet unit after ISYS100?

    ASTR178? There is minimal maths involved in assessments, but you will need to pay attention and work well in groups
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    ASTR170 Planet Unit

    I've done ASTR178 and it was decent. No tutorials however and group work focused. Explores our own solar system mostly however, then in the latter half of the semester, goes onto exoplanets. Content does get harder in the latter half, however the assessments and finals aren't too...
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    ACCG100 vs ACCG106 What's the differece?

    No, it is better to pick ACCG100 than ACCG106 as it leaves the option of majoring in Accounting open. If you did ACCG106 and realised you want to major in Accounting, you will have to do ACCG100 + ACCG101 again. ACCG106 can be taken instead of ACCG100, but it does not count towards the major.
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    Arts & Human Sciences Subject Review Thread

    Unit Code: LAW115 Difficulty: Easy Lecturer: Carlos + Guest Lecturers / Other unit conveners Tutor: C. Greentree Year and Semester Taken: 2012 S2 Workload :Moderate Comments:Making a new review as the subject has been overhauled. It is now a Pass/Fail unit, but that doesn't mean no work is...
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    Business & Economics Subject Review Thread

    Unit Code: ACST101 Difficulty: Relatively Easy Lecturer: D. Westcott Tutor: L Zhao Year and Semester Taken: 2012 S2 Workload: Moderately light, includes weekly quizzes. Comments: Some people think it's a hard subject, but it's very rewarding to perform well as the 3 class tests are extremely...
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    Macq 2013

    B Commerce (Accounting) and B Commerce - Prof. Acctg. Difference lies in that ever since 2012, B Commerce (Accounting) is no longer accredited for CPA/CA entry level programs. I think you have to make it up by taking extra courses.
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    Any questions about the Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws welcomed here.

    Really?! I thought you could only do 1 major as it says in the handbook "Completion of one qualifying major for the Bachelor of Commerce" Edit: NVM Didn't see the part where you said extra year of study :biggrin: :tongue: I personally wouldn't double major, considering a combined LLB course...
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    B Comm/B Laws

    Put your time into ACST, learn the Elements part of it as it's easy marks. Techniques should be very ROTE like
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    Macq 2013

    LLB + B Commerce, second semester :)
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    Hey, haven't seen you in ages! No wonder you disappeared out of nowhere. Sorry to hear about...

    Hey, haven't seen you in ages! No wonder you disappeared out of nowhere. Sorry to hear about the family issues, hope it all ended up well on your end! Actually I think it MAY be to your benefit to start fresh in Sem 1, get to meet more people as the LAW cohort is much bigger! Whereas our...
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    A Day In The Life of a Law Student

    Very time consuming, only 1st semester into it though. Wouldn't say it's particularly hard, takes some judgemental skills and a lot of time. Doing something about a liability waiver Liking it so far