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  1. YoloStudent

    Approaching to girls

    Except the OP already stated his problem of having nothing in common to talk about. If he manages to approach a girl, he wouldn't know what to say. That being said, I got your back, OP. What you gotta do is you need to talk about a multitude of things. So depending on whether you have school...
  2. YoloStudent

    Smooth Operator's relationship/love/dating advice thread.

    m9, you're the best. You know what? Yolo, that's in my name, so im gonna do whatchu say and fake it till i make it. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks brudda.
  3. YoloStudent

    Smooth Operator's relationship/love/dating advice thread.

    Chilling is manageable, but relationships don't form over simply chilling. I guess over time when you chill enough to level up the relationship to unlock the "touchy feely" skill. Thanks for the tip brudda
  4. YoloStudent

    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    Yeah I'm sure as heck you got 15/15. That message before sounded so much like a creative piece. I had to remember that the thread was about love messages before I was convinced I was reading a exemplar response for creative writing.
  5. YoloStudent

    Smooth Operator's relationship/love/dating advice thread.

    Curses, the cats out of the bag. I don't know how you manage to know it was me with the problem. Your deductive skills are most impressive. PS: advice pls instead of doing detective work. I'm not here to be found out, I'm here for advice.
  6. YoloStudent

    Crushing on a Year 12 girl.

    OP never replied. Starting to think this wuz a troll thread. Inb4OPAlreadygotnumberbutleftusinthedark
  7. YoloStudent

    Smooth Operator's relationship/love/dating advice thread.

    I have "a friend" that has trouble getting a girl.. Is there a way where he can find a girl? he has one he likes but he just can't talk to her enough. I don't even know if he'll even be able to ask her out. How can I help him as a friend. Any advice? Or anything I can do to help him?
  8. YoloStudent

    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    What mark did you get for practice papers in creative writing?
  9. YoloStudent

    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    Plz luv me bebecekes I luv u 420eva XDDDDDDd On a serious note, love is nothing without the "extras" that come along with it.
  10. YoloStudent

    FREE notes! 'Belonging: HSC Marker's Tips'!

    Sign me up. Thousand thanks in advance.
  11. YoloStudent

    Gaseous or Aqueous Oxygen?

    Teacher said that gaseous oxygen is needed. Reason being because its in the reduction table and since its given to us we need to use it. Friends, and I, thought that it was aqueous. Some argued that the logic was weird that gaseous oxygen be in deep ship wrecks. The result is the confusion of...
  12. YoloStudent

    Fe + NaOH

    First of all, your going to need an electrode with solid sodium and iron electrode in NaOH and CuOH or something (if you want to check voltage and hook it up to a galvanometer or voltmeter) In your example, I'm guessing that it is just an iron nail in NaOH solution. Look at the reaction...
  13. YoloStudent

    Difference between sacrificial anode and passivating metal

    Passivating metal refers to the metal. Aluminium and Chromium for example. Those whole metals are passivating. Sacrificial anode is any metal that is more reactive than the protected metal to cathodically protect it. What that example is doing is combining both by coating a protected metal...
  14. YoloStudent

    Polarity of electrodes in electrolytic cells??

    You can simply look at electron flow. Electrons flow to the positive from the negative terminal. Oxidation occurs at the anode and reduction at the cathode. Follow the electron flow. Polarity: For simplicity's sake, the "charge" of an electrode. Electrons are attracted to positive charges so if...
  15. YoloStudent

    Corrosion assignment help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I've gone to Bunnings a couple of times to build a motor. There are Galvanised Steel (zinc coating I believe), copper, aluminium should be there. However if you want to perform this in an experience format, and I think you should, use metallic material of identical or close shape and size...
  16. YoloStudent

    planning on transfering into law! please explain

    As I've learnt from someone, it is not a good idea to mention someone's name on the internet (seventhroot I believe it was) Probably not nice to swear at whoever is trying to help you... unless it was rotelearning but even then, try and resist the urge to swear.
  17. YoloStudent

    Nuclear Chem help

    In James Ruse, we learn this in senior science, a mix of chem, phys and bio. I will take your recommendation of books and read up on them. They pique my interest and tickle my fancy in psycho!ogy Wtf is Tradiation Chinese Medicine anyway?
  18. YoloStudent

    Particle accelerators

    You want band 6, learn all three in detail. Band 5? One in detail. I usually learn everything anyway and I think it is much better. Up to you though. You can understand cyclotrons if you understand that charged particles in motion under the influence of a magnetic field experiences a force...
  19. YoloStudent

    Nuclear Chem help

    Geiger counter? That only detects radiation and I'm not entirely sure if cyclotrons and particle accelerators produce radioisotopes that emit different amounts and types of radiation. It might be right, I would like confirmation.
  20. YoloStudent

    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    Wish I could learn about a resistor. Should of done physics or chemistry, then maybe I could understand the warmth that it offers into one's life.