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  1. Focus is Key

    Best Law Electives to Take?

    Thanks, great idea :) I've asked them about a couple of subjects so far and it seems to be working out.
  2. Focus is Key

    Best Law Electives to Take?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what people think the best law electives to take would be. I'm studying a Law/International Studies degree at UOW. As far as I know, I can choose 2 of the Autumn subjects and 3 of the Spring subjects. I'm looking to do subjects that will be useful practically...
  3. Focus is Key

    Good schools in Western Suburbs

    This is probably one of the truest things I've ever read on this site, especially considering my experience at a school that half the time doesn't even rank inside the top 500. Basically all bar one (maybe two) of my teachers focused on teaching the content at the most basic level, without...
  4. Focus is Key

    Whatever happens tomorrow won't change your life

    Yeah no one should be thinking about that- emotional reactions and feeling upset is common, but to such an extent is an issue. I don't think it's okay- like I think if you've thought about all your options properly it should not be an issue unless there are mental concerns.
  5. Focus is Key

    Quick questions about the commerce and law teachers and classes at UOW?

    Hi, I'm a current law student and member of the UOWLSS (UOW Law Student Society), so I'll do my best to answer your law-related questions: a) What are the teachers like? The majority of teachers I've had are well-qualified and excellent. Some particuarly good ones to look out for are John...
  6. Focus is Key

    does school affect atar, my school is so stupid

    Also yeah I know of stories like people getting 80s for assessment marks and getting horrible ATAR scores. Like my ancient teacher would give kids like 80-85% sometimes and they got a Band 2 for hsc. So yeah that does happen. I had heaps of friends that were consistently doing decently...
  7. Focus is Key

    does school affect atar, my school is so stupid

    Technically if you come first in everything for your assessments and get a high HSC mark it will be fine. However, people saying school rank doesn't have an impact on atar is utter BS. At higher ranked schools you have a 'safety net'- this means that if you rank first at a higher school but then...
  8. Focus is Key

    University vs HSC

    I think it mostly depends on what course you do and what sort of marks you are aiming to achieve. Most of my uni friends in arts courses and stuff like that have found hsc harder in general. At least in law, which I study, it is at least on par with the hsc and I would think the same of things...
  9. Focus is Key

    First in Course List

    Haha someone from my mum's old high school topped Standard English (and it's not a good school from what she was telling me). Also someone from my suburb topped Hospitality at a low-ranked school too!
  10. Focus is Key

    Society State Ranking

    In CAFS last year I heard 97 was about 9th or 10th in state- 1st was 99 (I got 96 and was fuming a bit haha). But last year was considered a 'hard' CAFS paper because usually the state ranking cut off is higher.
  11. Focus is Key

    Good Lecturers

    Karina Murray was good for both LLB100 and LLB197- you actually have to listen as she does really well on expanding the dot points in her lecture slides.
  12. Focus is Key

    Early Entry Law degree Question?

    Seminars or lectures can start as early as 8:30am or as late as 6:30pm so the latest you can potentially be coming home is 8:30pm but that's unlikely. The latest I ever scheduled my seminars for was 3:30 because then I'd be finished by 5:30. And yes there are heaps of people that take the train...
  13. Focus is Key

    Early Entry Law degree Question?

    Ok I just finished first law year and I'll give you as much as I know: 1) In the seminars there are around 20-25 people per class. 2) There are only seminars and lectures. 3) They were all 2 hours long in my first year. 4) For work placement most people go during their 3rd year but I heard from...
  14. Focus is Key

    Band 6 Cut Off + Scaling For CAFS 2014?

    The cut off will definitely not be anything near 92- I got 95 raw last year and it was scaled to a 96 so I reckon it would be like high 80's- maybe 88-89 or something.
  15. Focus is Key

    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Yeah much easier than last year- would have done the building progs for sure cause I knew heaps about that
  16. Focus is Key

    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    What were the options for Augustus? :)
  17. Focus is Key

    CAFS scaling 2014

    I did CAFS last year and I know my 95/100 raw scaled to a 96/100.. I would imagine any mark in the Band 6 range would not scale down.
  18. Focus is Key

    2014 Ancient History predictions

    Don't even bother after last year's unpredictability haha... worst ancient exam ever!
  19. Focus is Key

    Easy algebra question

    So: five divided by x squared minus one (the first fraction) and three divided by x minus one (the second fraction) with a minus in between the two fractions isn't doable by factorising? :)
  20. Focus is Key

    Easy algebra question

    My brother needs help with an algebra question that's troubling him. Can someone solve 5/x squared minus one) - 3/x-1 please with working? Thank you in advance.