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  1. Snow Pea!

    3 Girls, 1 Guy

    yeh id stay away from him. he doesnt seem to be the trustworthy type.. or atleast make up his mind :/ the three of you should just find new guys.. there isnt just ONE guy in the world that is hot, nice and an awesome kisser you know
  2. Snow Pea!

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: who has tattoos? i want one. of a penguin. altho mum, dad and my older sis all have tats.. they would still be pissed off if i got one.. ill get it eventually tho :D
  3. Snow Pea!

    Life and love

    not as of yet no.
  4. Snow Pea!


    in alot of cases its an easier transition if your good mates with the person, who you then date. that way if you realise that you like them alot you maybe can take a step further.. but if not, you still have that friendship :)
  5. Snow Pea!

    female terminology

    cute = adorable, sweet, gentle (looking)... like a teddy bear <3 hot = unbelievebly good looking, gorgeous, fuckable. :p ...like most people have pretty much said.
  6. Snow Pea!

    Hardest to Sing

    for a soprano voice :p i have more of an alto/tenor range.. or so my music teacher told me. sooo i cant sing much high or uber low stuff. so im guessing most songs for me are hard to sing :p oh.. and one week - the barenaked ladies
  7. Snow Pea!

    Best Sex Scene in a Movie Ever

    yeh the notebook one wasnt bad. ;)
  8. Snow Pea!

    Favourite Musical?

    umm where is singing in the rain? :(
  9. Snow Pea!

    Last movie you've seen?

    umm sorority boys. last night. on teh telly :) but at the theatre.. take the lead. omg. it was so damn good <33 :D:D
  10. Snow Pea!

    dealing with the hard stuff

    *hugshugshugshugs* :( the same thing happened to my friend... 10 or so years ago. i know its a hard thing to take, but just remember that it is easier to sort through it now, instead of not letting your feelings and thoughts out and letting it hurt you for a long time. my mate still hasnt...
  11. Snow Pea!


    hmm well one of my best mates here is 26 and she was married at 19. shes now going through a divorce. my mum also married (the first time) at 19 and was divorced 2 years later. but then ive seen people that were engaged and married from a young age and are still together and as happy as...
  12. Snow Pea!


    hahaha yeh! when i was growing out my fringe. it would have to be held back with a headband. and yeh.. when u take it off its like PING!!!1!!!!!!11!!
  13. Snow Pea!

    Abortion debate

    :/ i never thought about that :/ i think that abortion is the woman's choice, as it is her body. therefore the laws should remain the same... someone else should not be allowed to make a decision for someone else unrightfully. imo anyhoo
  14. Snow Pea!

    What I am doing/wearing today

    today i slept in until 1.30, then showered and put on trackies, a shirt and slippers. comfort plus! :D
  15. Snow Pea!

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    yesterday i went shopping and bought fabric and stuff for a dress for the formal night we are having in a couple of weeks. my friend is making it for me <3
  16. Snow Pea!


    headbands remind me of when i was a kid.. i really dont want to wear them ever again :o but yeh.. when we had to wear them for dancing we had to have them over our ears </3
  17. Snow Pea!


    yeh one of them said that they will wait until the end of uni. they were together for 7 months. im not sure about the other girl. i only found out on friday. she was sitting near me during the presentations in tourism just staring and admiring the ring on her hand. i had to say something :p...
  18. Snow Pea!

    Have You Ever?

    yeh i have. and it died in the arse over a year and a half ago. yeh there is still some love there, as now we are good mates and such, but i dont want to get back with him. ever. i moved on a long time ago :) its easier to move on anyways, because waiting around for them to come back or to...
  19. Snow Pea!


    mmk. well the 2nd time this term someone in my classes has gotten engaged. shes 18. so was the other gal. they are good mates. anyhoo.. what do you guys think about early engagements? and how many of you have younger mates that are engaged now? alot of my friends are getting...
  20. Snow Pea!

    Fuck buddy etiquette

    kissing adds to the whole sex experience. it would be kind of weird having sex without it :/