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  1. fairy.floss

    bio marking

    if its seperate marks for two seperate questions they can probably get one mark, but im not too sure the marking for bio is quite strict so even one wrong wording can make you lose the mark even tho the concept was correct 😭
  2. fairy.floss

    bio marking

    if its only one mark available, no, because to get the mark, you need to get the whole question correct
  3. fairy.floss

    business or legal?

    id say business cuz i heard legal has a lot of research and essays to write, but business you just have to memorise a bit and you can just write exactly what is written from slides and resources in your assessments and you wont be marked down (according to my teacher). we can 'borrow' what is...
  4. fairy.floss

    Who is your faveeeee music artist?

    ruel and grentperez 🔥
  5. fairy.floss

    Entrance test proficiency education

    they explain well for questions you dont know (not really for new concepts) but i dont really see the point in doing three hours 😭 im so sick of it by the second hour😭 it kind of feels like homework help but i think i do see me improving a bit it is going to be expensive but i think proficiency...
  6. fairy.floss

    Am I getting beat?

    pls help me with business and maths🙏
  7. fairy.floss

    Entrance test proficiency education

    i think its seperate btw the topics tested were functions and trig (no 3d trig) from what i remember but honestly, im only going cuz i think the resources are good, but in the three hours, we just solve the questions on our own and ask for help when we need it. the chatswood campus is quite...
  8. fairy.floss

    Entrance test proficiency education

    for maths ext there is a class doing functions, one doing perms and combs, and one doing differentiation
  9. fairy.floss

    Entrance test proficiency education

    i took the test recently and even if you do bad and the class is too slow for you, then just say you want to be in a faster class and they will move you
  10. fairy.floss

    How to prevent stupid mistakes on exam day?

    yeah i highly recommend going over things you got wrong i dont really see a point in answering new questions on stuff you know you got wrong and still continue to not get them right so maybe next time, go over what you got wrong, and if you get it wrong again, then try again and again until you...
  11. fairy.floss

    How to find motivation?

    i normally make a deal with my parents if i get an A in e.g. my maths assessment, in return i get something i wanted for a while smth like that
  12. fairy.floss

    How to prevent stupid mistakes on exam day?

    this advice isnt really for on the day of the exam but imo, i dont make silly mistakes when i over prepare. you probably have heard this a lot but, honestly, what helped for me was do the questions you already did over and over again. like when you get passed papers or work sheets, do them twice...
  13. fairy.floss

    Class of 2025 (2025 HSC CHAT)

    i heard proficiency or cognito is good
  14. fairy.floss

    Music 2 +Ext Scaling

    haha i actually changed out of it at the beginning of the year cuz i couldnt keep up, but i know a lot of people in orchestra who chose it ill keep you updated once they submit their composition assessment, but honestly, any piece you can perfect and is up to your level with good technique will...
  15. fairy.floss

    Music 2 +Ext Scaling

    if you think you can keep up with the theory, composition and performances, i think it would be a good option to choose cuz it does still scale quite well and you seem to be talented at your instrument by thinking of doing ext just note that it does take up quite a lot of your time and can be...
  16. fairy.floss

    Anybody go to Proficiency education?

    whats your tutors name? im currently trying to find a class right for me
  17. fairy.floss

    What can I do right now for my exam prep in 5+ weeks away?

    can you help me with maths 😭
  18. fairy.floss

    Will I get into early entry

    can i write my extracurriculars i did in year 10
  19. fairy.floss

    Music 2 +Ext Scaling