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  1. 7th Sign

    Where do you reckon is the best suburb to live in Sydney?

    Best area can depend on many factors tho one good tool I have been using for real estate analysis is called Nation Master you can search all areas around Sydney and it tells you different factors such as Crime/ how close it is to things - http://www.nationmaster.com/n/ One you do your research...
  2. 7th Sign

    Applying for taro cash and YD

    They seem to hire mostly good looking women who work their, tho I have also seen a few guys working their. I personally do not really shop their as the quality is not great of their clothes =)
  3. 7th Sign

    Housing affordability SYDNEY

    You need over 100k wage to buy a house in Sydney -
  4. 7th Sign

    best job with high money

    This guide is pretty good for jobs in 2015 and what to pick and what not to pick - http://www.careerfaqs.com.au/news/news-and-views/hot-jobs-for-2015/ The thing is tho doing a job just to make the MOST money is not the right way to go about it, you need to like what you are doing and then once...
  5. 7th Sign

    Do employers look at my highschool report?

    LMAO no one will care about your High School report, people will just check uni grades and see if you are a good person. If someone asked to see my high school report card I wouldnt want the job to be honest.
  6. 7th Sign

    Job ads on Gumtree

    I do not think all job ads on Gumtree are bad I guess you just need to do your research when you apply, their are still heaps of good ones out their and be sure to dig deeper into the listings for example their are a huge amount of Government jobs on Gumtree here -...
  7. 7th Sign

    Applying for jobs

    To be honest with Resumes their are plenty of sites out their who offer sample resumes already pre written, so you can just take the template and then use that as the basis and add in extra information from your specific case example of a really good resource here...
  8. 7th Sign

    How many labor party members do not have a degree?

    Hi All, I have not posted on this site in years, I remember it was great for Political information. My question: I saw some one stating in an article that everyone in the Australian Labor Party had a degree! I know this was miss informed information as I remember seeing numerous...
  9. 7th Sign

    Where are you going for Schoolies 2012?

    go to byron bay or gold coast imo
  10. 7th Sign

    iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus - share your thoughts

    Hard to say really I checked out the Galaxy Nexus the other day, a mate has it looks pretty hot, iPhone 4s is a bit of a fad for me...I was thinking of getting the phone with vodaFail but just noticed Virgin Mobile has pre reg for it http://www.virginmobile.com.au/samsung-galaxy-nexus could be a...
  11. 7th Sign

    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    Ministry Of Sound The Underground 2009 not that great of a album at all becuase its MOS lol but yeah its ok some decent tracks...
  12. 7th Sign

    Why is it that most 'hot' girls are dumb or skank?

    I know heaps of girls who are hotties and are at uni doing difficult subjects. I guess you just don't know many girls. Or your stuck doing home school or something :S
  13. 7th Sign

    Future Music Festival 2009 Line Up

    yeah these undercover cops I saw were wearing white shirts and what looked to be Dragons jerseys haha Who wears a footy jersey to a festival... The guy who they caught looked even more stupid, he was wearing like long ass denim shorts form jay jays or cotton on lol down to his knees and...
  14. 7th Sign

    Future Music Festival 2009 Line Up

    Was just talking to my mate who's a cop he said their was a fair few plain clothed officers at the festival, come to think of it I saw one dude getting hand cuffed by like people in plain clothes..
  15. 7th Sign

    Who went to the orientation for business and commerce 2day..

    Parramatta UWS haha wait till you have a problem with a exam or lost marks they take 8 months to get back to you.. don't even get me started on the parking...thats one of the main reasons I switched to night uni...after 3 parking fines for parking onthe grass it pissed me off heaps...bit hard...
  16. 7th Sign

    We Love Sounds 2009

    when will they be updating their official website and when will the tickets go on sale.. Im keen if these 4 djs will be their for sure...
  17. 7th Sign

    Future Music Festival 2009 Line Up

    this is who I saw and what i give them.. Markus Schulz = good.. Mr Oizo - = good.. Richie Hawtin - good Stephan Bodzin - pretty good.. Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso = ok for Ibiza headliners I expected better .. Joachim Garraud ...Goodd. Stephan Bodzin - good Sander Kleinenberg - good few...
  18. 7th Sign

    Basic Maths Skills Test

    Statistics for Business is a bitch of a subject..especially if you did general maths its like 50% failure rate... Another bad thing is you will probly get a tutor who sucks and cant speak english then you have mono tone Niel hoptkins lecturing you.. You have to work really hard its not a...
  19. 7th Sign

    Enrolment for Business and Commerce

    UWS has the worst system its a complete joke.. just confirm every thing...and hope for the best hehehe Oh well if you think that is bad wait till you guys start parking at uni if its PARA campus I warn you now =)
  20. 7th Sign

    Best business and commerce major?

    To be honest with you Ive done. A cert 4 in advertising and a advanced diploma of online seo marketing at TAFE. I learn tons more and did way more hands on things at Tafe then I have ever done at uni. I still have 8 more subjects in my comm/bis majoring in Marketing. Tafe gives you the hands...