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  1. manifestation

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2007)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread! Does anyone know where the Mackie building is? Thanks :)
  2. manifestation

    Textbooks: Buy/Sell

    I need Psych 2nd/3rd year text: Principles Of Learning And Behavior - Domjan I don't care what edition pm me Thanks
  3. manifestation

    B Arts & Sciences

    Umm yes i could be right for you...but with the government and relations thing we're only required and permitted to do 24 junior units so if you do choose to study government and international relations you'll only be able to do the junior units... as for language and psych yep, language as the...
  4. manifestation


    Okay...re phrase...where is the Brennan MacCallum Building???
  5. manifestation


    I got a question tooo where's this place: Room 325 of Brennan MacCallum Building. ??? Thanks xoxo
  6. manifestation


    If its first year sociology, just rock up to it, alot of people do it and in sociology they don't mark the roll so you're fine.
  7. manifestation

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    If any of you get: Dara, Agastya or Sanjna as a mentor...well you'll have a good time :D It won't be boring
  8. manifestation

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    awwww...*there there* Yes I shall :D Seryn aka Danial...howdy! Long time no seeeeee! Yeah I saw you like twice after that day walking around campus...i didn't say hi cause I'm scared you won't remember me lol
  9. manifestation

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    You seen me once...I seen you 10x more...mwahahaha! (no I'm not a crazy stalker lol) I know I know...I just don't really know what to say...dont wanna make a fool out of myself. My mentor was so nice...it sucks if you get a dog of a mentor...or ppl who dont talk or a totally boring...ehhhhhh
  10. manifestation

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    ^ I remember seeing you and your group that day Chris...Lmao you guys looked so bored...*there there*
  11. manifestation

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    I did it last year...it was awesome! Really worth it...but then again it depends on how the ppl in ur group are. I'm really good mates with most of the ppl I met that day in my group. So yeah its a great way to meet people...just don't be shy.
  12. manifestation

    B Arts & Sciences

    I found this link the easiest to follow when I was choosing.... https://ssa.usyd.edu.au/ssa/handbook/areasofstudy.jsp?page=1&academic_year=2007&degreeid=30030&rows=50 basically make sure you complete the 12 units of eco/bus units required and the 12 for legal. Remember you don't need to do...
  13. manifestation

    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    Re: BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! B. Arts and Sciences II (Sociology & Psychology)
  14. manifestation

    Scholarships - Post Grad

    Thanks ppl, it is confusing...but yeah I think Ima go ask someone later...or email, cause I'm looking for one that is more based on merit and yeah...seems like alot of the one's I've read are to do with equity etc. ^ wow that's an awsome Scholarship ur bf got =o)
  15. manifestation

    Scholarships - Post Grad

    Hello ppl, Just wondering...does anyone know where I can find info about post grad Scholarships...? I found the application form but it doesn't really say much... Also, has anyone out there ever obtained one? Was it easy...? Also, is there any other type of Scholarship other than an Equity...
  16. manifestation

    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews - UPDATED WITH .PDF on first post CLAW 1001 - Commercial Transactions Ease 7/10: The research assessments are really good, with plenty of time and topics that have plenty to research. Some ppl (like me mates) found the amount of topics to understand were too many...
  17. manifestation

    B Arts & Sciences

    So ur doing a double major ^ Tops! Me too! It gets a bit confusing but this degree....
  18. manifestation

    Summer School '07

    Re: Summer School Applications I start psyc 1001 tomorrow...yeah weird I know getting ready I totally agree ^ I got 3 days a week...so yeah sould be okay.
  19. manifestation

    PSYCH1002 Chat thread

    YES! What the hell 65%! That's so scream worthy! OMG!...and yeah end rant here lol... I got a credit for the psyc report which i was so happy with cause I thought I was gonna fail. I'm doing psyc 1001 in summer school (coz i didn't do it in sem 1) anyone else doing it???