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    Hi I'm Julie Yoo and i am willing to teach Japanese continuers/beginners. This is my first time actually tutoring someone so the price is cheap. I will enforce the student to help them memorise grammar, vocabulary and kanji. I will help read their Japanese written essays. The tutoring will be...
  2. J

    Post Your HSC Timetable!

    mine is sooo CRAP! eng 18/19 Maths 28 Mod and Jap (GrrRR THAT;s major killer) 1st Chem 2nd (consecutive - -) i know my hand will totally be out of energy on the 1st nov.... pray to God...
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    hey hu is this?

    hey hu is this?
  4. J

    holidays: study or play?

    Going Japan yeaa ~~ but thinking if it would disadvantage my study time (i guess i will bring books there to revise) :D After trip, probably study but not alot (= (NEED to improve maths !!)
  5. J

    ENGLISH! (All courses welcome =D)

    im doing hamlet and watching it too. its boring coz of the teacher .... our usual teacher is at a surgery : [
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    vocab for eng

    how do you enhance your vocabulary for englissh ? like using sophisticated language -read dictionary everyday ? -any books that contains many hard words?
  7. J

    Chem question

    cool site (=
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    HELP - CHEM assessment task on metals

    LOL i have the exact chem assignment as you ! um i get my answers from textbooks such as excel, macmillan. try typing in key words in google. got my info there....random sites ?
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    anyone dropping ext maths next year?

    ohh ok thankxxx yep im totally suure it would jeopardise my atar :L:L Soo yaaa ^ ^
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    anyone dropping ext maths next year?

    who is dropping extension 1 maths next year? i feel like im the only one who is.. im struggling in maths so im dropping down to 2 unit and hoping to not be too stressed 4 year12. u guys think that too ?
  11. J

    English Half Yearly

    techniques, identify technique, explain effectsand meaning
  12. J

    Year 11 half yearlies.

    +1 TOO easy :L
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    kk thanks guys ~ appreciate the help :)
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    omg. i failed Ex maths for half yearlies.. 36% should i still be continuing it for nxt year? or do u think i should drop down to 2U? im totally confused... need suggestions.
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    eddy eddy have u went on that studyjapanese.org site?

    eddy eddy have u went on that studyjapanese.org site?
  16. J

    How Happy Are You With Life?

    life is boring... dnt like it now.. i wish i can get out of high school now!!
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    oh icic ye u guys should b havin em

    oh icic ye u guys should b havin em
  18. J

    Need help with some chemistry questions

    pure substances are made of one type of substance/atom C B bro
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    Having a hard time

    ok well this is generally my study time table for one of the days: 4:30-5:30 H/w REST 5:50-6:50 H/w DINNER + tv 7:30-8:30 subject 1 8:40-9:30 subject 2 9:40-10:30 subject 3 On the next day ~ i do the same but diff subjects (so u wont feel bored) and when i study the...
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    a book that made you cry

    mhmm. med wats wrong wit that? lol