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  1. wootwoot1234

    Multiple Choice

    could you please clarify your answer for 5? i got a. thanks :)
  2. wootwoot1234


  3. wootwoot1234

    Allnighter anyone?

  4. wootwoot1234

    didn't round off answer=lose marks?

    sorry for being petty but i need as many marks as i can as i am losing so many from stupid mistakes :( for 13aii) i didn't round off my answer to the nearest degree but left it in degrees and minutes. will i lose a mark?
  5. wootwoot1234


    for aii) i didn't round off my answer to the nearest degree but left it in degrees and minutes. will i lose a mark?
  6. wootwoot1234


    Re: Anyone else remember getting these answers???? Q12dii) and Q12cii) fuark! me too! i'm devastated because the q was worth 2 marks..
  7. wootwoot1234


    Re: Guys does anyone have the answers for the probability for the hsc. Here are the Q I got the same. ^ He chooses them in any order
  8. wootwoot1234


    awesome! :D
  9. wootwoot1234


    was the length of the arc 16/2/3?
  10. wootwoot1234

    Throwing an all nighter

    sleep is for the weak.
  11. wootwoot1234

    How are you guys cramming for English Paper 2?

    how many hours did it take you to memorise ur 3 essays? i wish i had started earlier haha
  12. wootwoot1234

    AOS- essay too short ?

    you see the little icons up the top of the reply box? click the image of the tree next to the film and you can upload a file from your computer
  13. wootwoot1234

    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    yeah, i think you have a good chance of getting it
  14. wootwoot1234

    What's the structure for a 3 speeches essay? (MOD B)

    my paragraphs are fairly large. tbh, i've been thinking of doing the integrating method, however, i've never tried i before and i'm not sure i'll be very successful at it. how would you guys structure your essays using the integrating method?
  15. wootwoot1234

    English - Paper 2

    you too :)
  16. wootwoot1234

    English - Paper 2

  17. wootwoot1234

    Odd question

    well i'm not entirely sure. at my school, they specifically checked that we only brought in something clear but maybe your supervisors are more lenient seeing that you were able to bring it in for the last exam. you could just try and see what they say. if they say you can't, just put it in your...