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  1. K

    CHEM1001 question

    I did that last year for CHEM1002 in the first half of the semester 2 when there were two different lecturers. I spoke to Adam about it before hand and they try to go at the same pace, however theres no guarantee as they'll be some overlaps and gaps and such.
  2. K

    Is UWS actually a university?

    Unoriginal, uninspired and obvious trolling. 1/10.
  3. K

    Semester 1 2010 Results & Predictions

    Considering i did jack shit, im happy with my passes D:
  4. K

    AM3 CPU in AM2 socket

    You should be able to use the new AM3 processor if you update the bios. Look up the mobo's specs/website and it should tell you whether it's compatible after updating or something
  5. K

    State Of Origin

    unfucking believable
  6. K

    semester 2 timetables

    We can go into uni to change them right? Starting from tomorrow im hoping?
  7. K

    semester 2 timetables

    God damn, our timetable system is so shit
  8. K

    State Of Origin

    Looks like Tahu's out =/ Tahu walks out on Blues after offensive comments from Andrew Johns Great preparation blues, way to give the series to QLD. D:
  9. K

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    I'm going die on tuesday. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  10. K

    State Of Origin

    Still an improvement over game1s team.. dunno why hindy is on bench though, should be one of the forwards
  11. K

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    Anybody here BIOL1911/1001? Fucking lol @ closing the discussion forums on webct.
  12. K

    Big Issue Vendor

    I saw him today outside Carslaw.
  13. K

    Which one?

    how about you do your own research and look into the courses itself at the two universities? Anyway from what i've heard(online) arts is really bad at UNSW, though i have a couple of friends doing combined arts degrees there and they don't seem to mind it.
  14. K

    Fees + Studying postgrad

    So just wondering, say if i were to study post-grad would i have to pay upfront + full fees? or can it go towards HECS? I've been reading around here and there and heard conflicting things, so i'm not entirely sure.
  15. K

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    So what's with the access/tunnel thing from the law library to fisher library? is that ever going to open? from my understanding the law buildings been open for about a year now, though when i was on a tour during info day earlier this year the guy said "they were fixing the bugs" - surely it...
  16. K

    suit up

    Yes. Pretty much.
  17. K

    how the international exchange program work?

    Uhhh it should be exactly the same as if you were still studying here, because units you study o/s will still be credited. If i remember correctly, you need a credit avg before you can apply, and you can start doing it after first year.
  18. K

    Proof that UNSW > all others

    I saw a snuggie commercial this morning, afew of the scenes were at usyd lol.
  19. K

    Taxi stand in Redfern?

    Redfern has a town hall?