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  1. cassieagill

    how to apply for cadetship

    Cadetships generally the cadetships will open up in may each year, there's a great cadetship evening that charteredaccountants.com.au put on each year, where all the firms offering cadetships come and advertise and you can ask them questions etc, check the website for more deets
  2. cassieagill

    The Tennis Thread

    Re: The Official Tennis Thread I'm so glad Sharapova's out, that screaming thing she does is cheating and there should be a preventative rule, she even does it on her drop shots to cover the thud of the ball, so the opponent can't hear the type of spin and I'd imagine it would be extremely...
  3. cassieagill

    what box sets/ tv series do you own on dvd?

    all of friends and all of gilmore girls :) edit: oh and seasons 1 & 2 of charmed ;)
  4. cassieagill

    Video Ezy/Subway Pay Rate??

    my friend is 18 working @ video ezy she gets $13 something per hour, and does not get paid extra on sundays or public holidays, hope this helps
  5. cassieagill

    Accessing VTAC First Round Offers..?

    6:30 at fed square, who else is going?
  6. cassieagill

    Going out by yourself

    I prefer shopping by myself, i get things done quicker and more efficiently, and i can spend as much time as i want in the shops, i still go shopping with friends but it's more of a social thing, we never get much actual shopping done. I've gone to movies by myself before, when I've been shit...
  7. cassieagill

    ITT: We discuss whether you would date a pregnagnt girl

    no, I'd date a guy who had kids but coming into the picture when the girl is still pregnant seems to be too complicated, but depending on the situation I may change my mind
  8. cassieagill

    Getting Married in Uni

    It is their problem if it is a mistake or not, at the very least it will give them life experience if it doesn't work out and if it does, good for them. Uni is not too young to get married, many people attending Uni are mature enough to make the decision, it really depends on the person, not...
  9. cassieagill

    Maths Online?

    it's good for preparing for upcoming topics as well as revision...it may not be for everyone, but try it out and see how you like it
  10. cassieagill

    What would you say to god?

    why do men have nipples?
  11. cassieagill

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    a kate hill black clutch that can double as a clubbing bag when i attach a long chain :) and a pair of starfish earings
  12. cassieagill

    Why do boys like girls butts?

    well unfortunately for you i only have sex with inanimate objects eg i am currently in love with my neighbours gate and i love to touch taste and smell its oily fluids when i ride it late at night
  13. cassieagill

    Why do boys like girls butts?

    no, i'm fugly with warts and a crooked nose, don't make fun of me it's a serious problem
  14. cassieagill

    Why do boys like girls butts?

    why do i like abs? i dunno i just do...
  15. cassieagill

    How does coconut tanning oil work?

    it attracts the suns rays so you can get tanned quicker, but it is stupid, tanning leads to skin cancer, what you need is some good sun screen and if you still want to brown up get some GOOD fake stuff
  16. cassieagill

    How old are you and what ethnicity?

    im white from melbourne and 18
  17. cassieagill

    "Sup"? What do they mean by this?

    it can be considered as both a general hello as well as 'whats up' and you can just answer it in your preferred manner, eg 'the sky' or tell them about your day or say 'sup dude' back and turn the tables or just a general 'hey' will do
  18. cassieagill

    Phillip Island Schoolies 09!

    bout 15 in our house and about 30 more from my school will be close by, and some of my other friends will be on the island but at a surf beach somewhere meh i'm not sure, we'll just cab around to where the most people are at :) no, sorry im off facebook until i finish my exams (my sister...