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    CSSA- Biology

    My ranks and ambitions have changed since Year 11 when I created that signature - currently would like to complete a chef apprenticeship after school, maybe do some part-time study during, or maybe more realistically, after my chef apprenticeship. Medicine isn't my career goal anymore - it's not...
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    CSSA- Biology

    I thought that it was a fair paper. Yay, I got Q1 right - it was (A) then, after all none of the others fit the question anyway. Maybe ~75/100 for me on this one.
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    Italian Continuers /w Open High School 2010

    I'm going okay. 79% in the Half-Yearly, ranked 1/1.
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    Italian Continuers is a 2 unit Higher School Certificate category A (ATAR) course. Students...

    Italian Continuers is a 2 unit Higher School Certificate category A (ATAR) course. Students studying it learn to speak, read, write and listen and respond to Italian at an advanced level. The course is meant for students who studied School Certificate Italian. I thought it was fairly...
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    Is Advance English WAY Harder than Standard English

    'It's a piss easy text' and 'I never read it' put together is an oxymoron, mate. How can you find it 'piss easy' when you haven't even read it? I disagree that English (Standard) is as difficult as English (Advanced). Undoubtedly you will detract from my reputation just because I don't agree...
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    Is Advance English WAY Harder than Standard English

    This is basically true, however, English (Advanced) students are also required to study more difficult texts in general. For example, for AOS: Journeys in Year 11 at my school, English (Advanced) students were required to study Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas hardy whilst English (Standard)...
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    Any one doing Extension Italian?

    I'm do HSC Italian Extension starting Term 4 through OHS.
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    Is it possible to survive the year with 14 units for HSC?

    14 units is fine if you manage your time properly (lol, I love how I just make generalisations with no basis whatsoever!). I do 13 units and I do just fine. I wanted to do 14 units for the HSC, but I have decided to do my LOTE/VET combo; English (Advanced), Mathematics, Hospitality Operations...
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    Picking up Senior Science for Year 12

    Rather than take up Senior Science for deliciously evil purposes, why not concentrate all your energies on Physics and Chemistry? By the way, since when is HSC Physics, or any HSC science for that matter a 'real science'? Physics is basically all about problem solving and mathematical...
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    Plans for starting Year 12 in a few months?

    Change of plans - Take up Italian Extension thru Open High School, Randwick - Take 12 units in term 4 of 2010, dropping Legal Studies to give me every Wednesday afternoon off - Complete a pathology short course (Statement of Attainment in Pathology Specimen Collection) to enable me to...
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    Is it true that Standad English is harder to get a band 5 in?

    ThAn! The word is thAn! T-H-A-N! Then is a connective, like 'and' or 'next'. We use THAN to make comparisons. It's quite ironic given that you're purporting to be a good student of Advanced English...
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    Is it true that Standad English is harder to get a band 5 in?

    It is more difficult to get a Band 6 in Standard English. That's because if you do 'standad english' you can't spell and get low marks. Kidding! I'm sure you'll do great (maybe).
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    Do you need a tutor?

    Buongiorno a tutti! Hello everyone! Avete bisogno del professore d'italiano? Do you need an Italian tutor? I am offering tutoring services in Italian Beginners for the HSC. I am an HSC Italian Continuers student. I have studied Italian for three years. Cost? Let c be the cost...
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    hows everyone going with advanced eng??

    Third? WOW! I'm coming close to the bottom (31/42) I suck at English. Please help me! Aiutarmi!
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    Plans for starting Year 12 in a few months?

    My plans for Year 12 (if I don't leave school before then): - Take up Italian Extension - Take 14 units in term 4 of 2010 - Make summaries of the first topics of Biology, Legal Studies and Studies of Religion I in the holidays - If 14 units is too much, drop Legal Studies in term 1 of 2011...
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    Suggest career paths for me

    Not much work out there for French-English translators/interpreters, I'm afraid. I recommend nursing. The starting salary for an enrolled (TAFE-trained) nurse is approximately $35000 and the starting salary for a registered nurse (university-trained) is about $45000 - $50000. Nurse practitioners...
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    Certificate in Hospitality

    I believe so. I think that if you do Hospitality Extension (4 units of Hospitality in Year 12) you can get a certificate, but if you just do the 2 unit course like me, you don't get a certificate. A Statement of Attainment seems pretty worthless, but the course is enjoyable at least.
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    Legal Studies or Ancient History

    I wasn't trying to say that essay writing and referencing are skills that are unique to Legal Studies. I prefer Legal Studies to Ancient History because ancient societies have no relevance (to me) and what I learn from studying the law is much more interesting and applicable to my life.
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    Bludge subjects

    Out of all the subjects I do, Hospitality is the easiest to get good marks in, if you do the theory and revise before the examination. I thought that Studies of Religion I would be a bludge but I was sadly mistaken. I did little work in this subject and ended up with a half-yearly exam mark of...
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    Legal Studies or Ancient History

    Ancient History probably is more difficult than Legal Studies. In histories, you have to refer to sources and memorise quotes. You also have to study several different societies and several different time periods. In Legal Studies, there is no need to memorise quotes, although you do need to...