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    FINS1613 past papers

    Can anyone upload or link some past papers and maybe solutions for FINS1613?
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    Trig help plz

    just do the challenge exercises
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    Hardest 3 unit topic

    varies depending on the person
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    lol thread, just to clear things up dy / dx means differentiating y with respect to x dz / d(asd) means differntiating z with respect to asd likewise for integrating, you cannot integrate something that is not respect to the specific and maybe you need to chuck one of these for the other...
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    thanks for the gif. lol at the cat's kick at the end cute :rolleyes:

    thanks for the gif. lol at the cat's kick at the end cute :rolleyes:
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    Who IS studying for trials and what are you doing?

    i am going to finish a cssa mx2 paper today. then maybe a little chem and a little english. AND MAYBE a little engineering. OR NO SLEEP! RAWRRRRRRR
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    Really Annoying Exam Questions Help please

    theres one important thing OP If you hate the subject you will get nowhere. Learn to appreciate it or you will not enjoy it. And when you don't enjoy it, it will be very boring and will prob definitely cause you to drop mx1. note to number guy: don't get cambridge mx2, its kinda (very) crappy...
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    Really Annoying Exam Questions Help please

    (\sqrt {x\sqrt{x\sqrt{x}}})^2 = (\sqrt {\sqrt {\sqrt {x}}} . \sqrt {\sqrt{x}} . \sqrt {x})^2\\ \\ \\ (x^{\frac {1}{8}} . x^ {\frac {1}{4}}. x^{\frac {1}{2}})^2 = x^{\frac {7}{4}} typical exam question that tests your basic understanding not your ability to bible and memorise info. It is from...
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    Best book on extension2 while in year 11

    wah minh give me that gif LOL i just sat there for 30 secs starting at it xD i think cambridge is the shittiest one of them all a few examples and just the answers at the back. Rest of the books have full worked solutions. leading edge one is good :)
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    history and memory related texts

    im looking for 2 particular texts that may relate to The Queen. If anyone has any suggestions i'd be happy to consider them. (preferably 2 diff text types) Thank you :p
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    Best book on extension2 while in year 11

    there is no 'best' book imo. i just used a variety: cambridge, phoenix, excel, coroneos, the leading edge and then past hsc i know its a lot, but i've come to realise its better if you use a variety of books. In year 11 i only used cambridge thats it, and i didn't recieve a good understanding...
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    LINKED GENES help!

    theres exact questions in the creelman, past hsc, dotpoint books :) and solutions ^^
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    Practice for Q7-8

    schools should be up to harder 3u now, but most people should've tried the 2001-2009 papers for the heck of it. i just death stare at the question 8 :x
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    What mark are you expecting in 4 unit?

    no way in hell does it work like that that means getting full marks for q 1-6 will guarantee you a 95+ but this isn't always the case
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    2009 hsc paper

    hey im a bit confused for 2009 hsc paper multiple choice question 5 the answer is D but the measurement is 7.3cm x100 = 7.3m the answer is 8m. I think it is because it takes more wire to hold the beam in place? I just thought it was logical but not 100% sure if it is correct. Edit...
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    Highest ATAR 2010

    i think no one on bos (2010) will get 99.95 :P all are pretty averaged out, and i see no imbalanced overpowered people xD
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    Integration Help?

    \int \frac{1}{\sqrt {1/4 - (x-1/2)^2} }dx\\ \\ probably what long said
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    Domain and range for inverse function

    what hscishard said look at the function arcsinx. (inverse of sinx) since sinx has domain |x| <= pi/2 , range |y|<=1 its inverse must have domain |x| <=1 and range vice versa
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    Change to MX1?

    yes its possible. if you show your appreciation for maths to head teacher they should let you do the 3u course, but like said before, you'd need a lot of catch up.
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    How many solutions to?

    +1 to mirakon observe the graph of sinx and you will see it has a local min at -1, and this only occurs once within a period of 2pi