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  1. NewiJapper

    What raw marks needed to obtain band six?

    It's actually been around 72-74/100 for a band 6 in chem according to previous years.
  2. NewiJapper

    haha just got your message. Yea I WAS doing MATH1110. So glad it is over now though haha

    haha just got your message. Yea I WAS doing MATH1110. So glad it is over now though haha
  3. NewiJapper

    Geometric Complex Numbers

    Yes it was 67.5 degrees sorry, my bad! :P Thanks for the help though guys! I initially wasn't thinking with vectors to solve this problem and ended up with some retarded ellipse haha Thanks!
  4. NewiJapper

    Geometric Complex Numbers

    Let z = 3+ 2i and w =1+ 3i . Using complex numbers, find all complex numbers v such that z, w and v form the vertices of an isosceles triangle in which the length of side zw equals the length of side zv and the base angles are 67.5 degrees . I've attempted this a couple of ways but I...
  5. NewiJapper

    would 99.95 atar guarantee an entry to HARVARD university???

    If you are looking for Law at Harvard forget about it haha. It is only offered as a post-grad course there. I have no idea how Elle Woods got in...
  6. NewiJapper

    I never found out who you are?! haha

    I never found out who you are?! haha
  7. NewiJapper

    No pecs no sechs

    no pecs = no hyperbolic sec's?
  8. NewiJapper

    Anyone doing law - I have a question about Legal Ethics

    Barristers have a cab rank rule which basically means they wait to get presented with a client and the first person in line gets the next client etc. And as a barrister they have both duties to the courts and duties to their client, but I think there comes such a time that their duties to the...
  9. NewiJapper

    Help with an integration question needed

    I think it just means finding the area bounded by the two curves in respect to x, meaning you would just use those functions (for the x axis), and then for the y-axis, change the terms around to make it into respect to y. eg x=sqrty and then find the area that way. Of course you would have to...
  10. NewiJapper

    Get 99.95 although bombed assessment but killed trials and HSC?

    Nope. I'm just going to say it now. All 99.95'ers are consistent workers who earn that top mark.
  11. NewiJapper

    Partial Fractions question

    I did that and got A+B+C=3 and 3A+2B+C=4 but then got a messy with the simultaneous equation haha
  12. NewiJapper

    Partial Fractions question

    \int \frac{x^2+3x+4}{(x-2)(x-2)(x-3)}dx Partial fractions is one of the only techniques of integration I'm still coming to terms with, any help with this one would be appreciated :D
  13. NewiJapper

    memorising a 1.5k essays in a week?

    Read it to yourself. Start with one sentence. Then the second. Highlight what you can recite. Then once you have memorised a paragraph, write it out word for word without looking at it. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the essay for each paragraph until you can recite and write them all!
  14. NewiJapper

    Exactly how much essays do you have to write to "ace' English?

    Try and write one GOOD essay for each module, then practice manipulating your thesis in that essay to different questions. It's a bit hard at first and you may feel like waffling, and honestly you know when you are :P, but it turns out to be a good skill to try and fit your essay to different...
  15. NewiJapper

    Inverse Fuctions

    I only did 2 unit for the HSC but the maths I HAVE to take for my science course is basically Ext 1 and Ext 2 maths. So why not post here and help others get practice? :P
  16. NewiJapper

    Inverse Fuctions

    It was hyperbolic sin, but people said they didnt know what hyperbolics were so I left it like that :P Wow. That was such a brainfart!!!
  17. NewiJapper

    Inverse Fuctions

    Find the inverse of this function expressed as a logarithm. I know the answer I'm a bit stuck on how to get to it.
  18. NewiJapper

    all nighters

    Yep Because I was freaking out that I wanted to do well Tea, lots and lots of tea. I was happy that I pulled one haha Only because I got a 95 exam mark for bio!
  19. NewiJapper

    Hecs debt...yay or nay

    My parents are paying for the first year only :(
  20. NewiJapper

    ATAR Esti-fuck?

    You know...a school in the top 200 can be a small school :P Schools are ranked by the percentage of Band 6's they get, not HOW many.