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  1. xxcc

    Assessment ranks available from 3.30 pm Wednesday

    Worse than what i expected...
  2. xxcc

    HSC Visual Arts Thoughts

    1 / 2 / 2 / 8 pages. my writing is pretty small though.. haven't written so much since english.
  3. xxcc

    25 Mark Essay

    No clue.. maybe 8/9 pages. Not sure which artists yet depends on the question, just memorizing a few. But I'm going to use 3 in the essay. Wby?
  4. xxcc

    Equal 1st

    Would be 1/29 and hence 2nd place mark would be 3/29 if there are two people placing first.
  5. xxcc

    25 Mark Essay

    A question on art practice or something about audience.
  6. xxcc

    HSC finished. What's next?

    Downloading LoL...
  7. xxcc

    Textbook/Note Selling Discussion

    I sold some textbooks to yr 11's (not from my own school but). I didn't gain any profit since the textbooks were so expensive in the first place though..
  8. xxcc

    Questions! Please help me out! :)

    ^ For essays i just do the usual 3 paragraphs with introduction and conclusion (what my art teacher taught us). I don't think VA marking is too critical about structure though. I don't use much of a structure for short answers, maybe a short intro/conclusion for Q3 (12 marks). For short...
  9. xxcc

    i need advice

    Its up to you to decide if she's worth keeping. But tbh if she bitches about you.. I think its time to move on. If you want to maintain your relationship though, you have to come to some sort of compromise and someone (if not both) will effectively have to sacrifice. I mean if your...
  10. xxcc

    General thoughts

    It was pretty easy.. not sure about the 6 marker about red light in communication though.
  11. xxcc

    HSC Biology Progression

    Im not going to be sleeping much tonight :frown2:
  12. xxcc

    Playing the piano

    Started when i was around 10-11? Finished 8th grade piano around 2 years ago and havent touched the piano since.. :$
  13. xxcc

    Physics HSC test

    ^ Cloud chamber and Hydrogen Spectrum pracs
  14. xxcc

    The Asian Music Thread

  15. xxcc

    Excel books Yay or Nay?

    I like the excel success one hsc book for physics (past papers and solutions) Didn't really like HSC biology excel, dot points is good but you'll have to add a lot of your own notes to it but its good for core knowledge. The 3u excel guide is alright, didn't really use it much though. I prefer...
  16. xxcc

    Physics HSC test

    Guess its time to revise some more on the standard model.
  17. xxcc

    Physics HSC test

    hopefully no obscure questions on the standard model for q to q
  18. xxcc

    Question from 9.1 in syllabus

    Can't really seem to find any good information for this...
  19. xxcc

    Studying for Biology

    i'm starting properly after physics, but i've been going over topics this past week :).
  20. xxcc

    MX1 Predictions

    hope theres a lot of induction and binomials ^_^