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    ATAR Estimate please! :)

    I've asked for an estimate before but I thought it might be an idea with trial results back now to get an idea of what my marks might look like with my final rankings School rank: 175-ish English Advanced: 5/59 (89%) English Extension 1: 4/7 (86%) English Extension 2: 3/4 (80%) General...
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    Thoughts: CSSA English Paper 1

    I spent way too long on my short answer section (which probably panned out okay-ish) and the essay (which was also relatively decent) so I literally had like 25 minutes for the creative and it didn't link very strongly to the stimulus, so that's where all my marks are gone :(
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    ATAR Estimate please :)

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could make an ATAR estimate English (Advanced): 6/60 English (Extension 1): 5/7 English (Extension 2): 3/4 General Maths: 7/36 Legal Studies: 1/16 Business Studies: 2/20 Music 2: 1/2 My school is ranked around 170-180 Thanks!
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    How is everyone going?

    my Viva's in a few weeks too. ... I haven't started writing. I was travelling along pretty slowly and I've just had a brand new idea today, so it's time to start again and cram in as much as possible before the Viva and the Proposal are due :mad2: I'll be right though. Hopefully hahaha
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    Inspiration Thread (2014 cohort)!

    Re: Inspiration Thread (2013 cohort)! Hi! I'm doing a short story suite, chances are I'll change my mind but at this stage I'm pretty fond of the idea. My progress has been pretty stilted but I'm at the point where things are gradually coming together which is really lovely. My viva voce...
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    ROLLL CALL! Class of 2013 EE2

    I'm one of about 9 in Extension 1 and one of 6 in Extension 2. I'm doing a suite of short stories at this early stage, inevitably though I'll change my mind about 50,000,000 times but whatever :P
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    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    yo! So, my subjects are in my signature. Aims: - My ATAR aim is 94+ which might be achievable if I don't sleep all year and study continually. I'd be reasonably happy with anything about 90 though :) - I'd like a state ranking in Legal, which should be reasonably doable - I want my...
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    Assessment thread.

    English: 83% in the listening task, 85 in the viewing/representing task :( Maths: 89% in the first assessment Modern History: 83% in the first assessment :( Business Studies: no assessments yet Legal Studies: 94% in the first assessment :) Music 2: 77% in the musicology task :( 95% in the prac...
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    Year 10 school certificate results 2011

    I honestly don't understand how you can be unhappy with a 94! That's insane!
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    Year 10 school certificate results 2011

    Re: School Certificate Results 2011 I got mine yesterday, they're bearable; English - 95 :D Maths - 80 :( Science - 84 :) Geography - 89 :cry: so close to a Band 6 History - 99 :D Computing - 97 :D
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    What would happen if .......?

    at my school, i'm pretty sure the supervisors went through and made sure they were pen, and if they weren't, they coloured them in, i am led to believe.
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    Predictions on school certificate results?!

    English - Band 6. Mathematics - Band 5, but only just. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a high band 4. :( Science - Band 5 History - Band 6 Geography - Band 5 and computing skills isn't a real test, so it doesn't even matter :P i'm quite sure i got like 100% though.
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    General Thoughts: Australian History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship

    I did peacekeeping too, and I don't think I did it particularly well. After the exam I realised I probably could have done aid a whole lot better :mad2:. What did you write about peacekeeping?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    i completely screwed up the angle of elevation question; i don't even know how. so, i'm fml-ing to the max. :mad2: i'll be over the moon if i get anything above 82