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    Hsc Eco & Bio Tution Hills District

    HSC ECONOMICS & BIOLOGY TUTION Been tutoring yr 11 and 12 students for 2years !! Completed HSC in 2006 with UAI: 95.95 (ECO: 93 BIO: 89) very detailed NOTES provided Past paper revision Exam techniques and tricks HW Tasks for constant revision One-on-one to focus on weak areas...
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    HSC Tutor UAI 99.65 Five Years Experience

    Some people got confused with my last thread, so I've included my UAI. Also I'm on my sis's account so the left info isnt mine. Holiday HSC Tutoring: • HSC tutor with 5 years experience 2002 HSC • UAI of 99.65 • For Students in the Hills and Upper North Shore Area • Constant...
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    HSC Tuition: Hills and Upper North Shore

    Oh no no!!!! Thats my sisters UAI; I dont have an account on this site, so I just use my sisters account. I'm obviously her brother. The info i wrote up is accurate on my behalf. I did my HSC in 2002, and got a UAI of 99.65; I've been tutoring since so 5 years experience. For my...
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    HSC Tuition: Hills and Upper North Shore

    What do you mean? Do you need a tutor?
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    HSC Tuition: Hills and Upper North Shore

    Holiday HSC Tutoring: • HSC Maths tutor with 5 years experience. All other Tutors have recently completed HSC with excellent results. • For Students in the Hills and Upper North Shore Area • Constant revision in all your HSC subjects throughout the holidays is integral for success and...
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    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Semester 1 2007 Buy and Sell Thread STAT 170 TEXTBOOK MODERN STATISTICS: A GRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION BY DON McNEIL $30 price negotiablle =D email me:
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    Stat170 Textbook $30

    STAT 170 - MODERN STATISTICS: A GRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION by DON McNEIL Brand new Quality No doggy ears or anything! $30!! price negotiable!!!! Call 0431543931 Email: Ask for NiM
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    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Semester 1 2007 Buy and Sell Thread ANY1 SELLING STAT 170 (a graphical introduction) ?! I NEED PM IF U DO or email me on
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    Hsc Economics Tution/cherrybrook.castle Hill Area

    HSC ECONOMICS TUTION YEAR 12 STUDENTS Cherrybrook/Castle Hill area I will come to your house =) $12/hr first lesson $18/hr after that Completed Hsc in 2006 UAI: 95.95 HSC Economics mark: 95/100 Have excellent resources including notes and past papers with answers Call Nimsha...
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    Top Schools of 2006 - Daily Telegraph

    I thought my school (cherrybrook technology hs) is lyk 20th or sumtin? ...hmmm
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    OOOOOO cramming ayyee....hmmm advice...B ONE WITH THE BOOKS *literalli* :rolleyes: GOODLUCK GUYS! :)
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    cheers guys :)
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    ShortAnswer HELP!

    - Explain why current account balances of countries are compared using CAD as a percentage of GDP - Describe TWO possible reasons for an increase in the Current Account balances over a period of two years - Explain how an increase in the CAD can impact on future Current Account outcomes...
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    hey im just wondering the correct (what must be included) answer for this dotpoint Outline the steps in the production of polyethylene as an example of a commericially and industrially based polymer and which dot point must we include information about LDPs and HDPs?
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    how young is 2 young??

    *LMAO* this is tha damn funniest thingg i hav read in a long time!! pppffft lovee as if!!
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    How distracting is MSN for you?

    so tru! i agree!
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    Jerseys for yr 12 2006! (merged)

    we couldnt get the names at the back (because of previous yr 12s so stoooopid so not fair!) only embroided at the front..
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    Half yearly line up

    week 9...hardest subjects next to each other...grr!!! mon- eng adv tues- 2unit wed- chem thurs- 3unit maths week 10 wed-bio week 11 tues- eco ...our exams go for 3weeks!! most people finish on 2nd week..thats 3weeks of holidays!!
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    i was just wondering if these were the correct expansions R sin (θ – α) = a sin θ – b cos θ R cos (θ - α) = a cos θ + b sin θ R cos (θ + α) = a cos θ – b sin θ R sin (θ + α) = a sin θ + b cos θ - correct me if im wrong
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    thanks for that :)