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    Hello I noticed you did INTS302, I hope you don't mind me asking what is the assessment criteria...

    Hello I noticed you did INTS302, I hope you don't mind me asking what is the assessment criteria like for this subject? I am doing it second semester 2010 at MQ. It seems kind of bludgy, although I am sure it is not!
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    English Tutor in Newcastle

    Hi, I'm a tutor for Master Coaching Newcastle. I've taught yr 11 Adv Eng, Yr 12 adv and currently teach HSC legal studies. The texts I'm familiar with: Brave New World, Frontline, Yeats, Harwood, Tempest, etc.. I know the 'justice game; would love to teach it, & am currently doing psychology /...
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    law transfer for macquarie university

    I too am asking a similar question, and internal transfers are the way to go of one has D-average ~ or so I have heard. However, on a SLIGHTLY unrelated note, I am doing Necastle arts/law 1st yr and am living in the area (DFEE place). V costly and I was not smart enough to get Law at Mac from...
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    what are the nature of the q's? They say it is hard to study for, but that's what's said about UMAT. Surely section 1 UMAT style q's qould help? I'm figuring out timing for each of them - 1.5mins each IMO ~ of course I'm not going to be that podantic about it! btw: anyone coming to MAC this...
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    Help! MacQ or UTS Law?

    this is an intriguing question that I've been asking myself - something unrelated I wanted to know: what is the difference btwn Bachelor of Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Law? Does it help to do this degree at, say, Bond if you don't reach to uai cutoff or a bachelor of law degree? Sorry if this...
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    what are my chances, any sound advice?

    I am ranked 2/15, 3/7, 9/36, and 13/110-ish in German Continuers, German ext, Ancient History and English 2U, but... Physics and Maths: 37/60, and 97/130-ish. It's a reflection of how little I've done for those subjects and the foolish decisions i made earlier, but that's OK, I've learnt from...
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    medicine vs. veterinary science: which is harder?

    yeah.. about that: I noticed that immediately after I registered it but it has just stuck ever since as a nickname - indeed, that does require skill... :uhoh:
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    medicine vs. veterinary science: which is harder?

    OK, thanks guys for all your advice. I'm enrolled in a UMAT course and have decided to place med as my second preference, first preference is veterinary science. Alternatively, I find it would be a good idea to place a science degree as my third preference, so I can dabble in a bit of both and...
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    medicine vs. veterinary science: which is harder?

    There's no need to be so presumptious people! tisk-tisk... if you want to know my secret identity, read it backwards (ahhhh... it's all clear now I hope). Thanks for the advice anyway. My earliest ambition was to become a vet. Nonetheless, I don't mind interacting with both humans and animals...
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    medicine vs. veterinary science: which is harder?

    Hey, Have been discussing this with my sister for a while. A UAI roughly above 98 is required for Veterinary Science and this is based on soley the UAI. Medicine @ UWS requires one of at least 92m interviews and UMAT. I have been tossing up between these two goals after the HSC. Any useful...
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    Obstacles in the HSC

    Hey, First time forum poster who was just wondering, are there any stories you know of about people who have otherwise been unlikely to have a great mark in the HSC but defied the odds. Just out of interest as a source of inspiration and motivation... I'll get the ball rolling, someone I know...
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    Prisoner To Parents 'Love'.

    Hey, I feel your pain. I'm not allowed sleepovers, holidays with friends (let alone seeing them too much in the holidays - mum wants me to study...), etc. and I was not allowed to date but reasoned with my dad. He'd rather I did not have a boyfriend but now realises good intentions are not...
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    anyone with asian parents? please do my questionnaire for my PIP

    1) Age? 16 2) Gender? Female 3) Which country/ies were your parents born? Indonesia 4) What country do they/you live in now, and how long (approximately) have they lived there? Australia - 20 years 5) Does your parents’ cultural background cause conflict in your family? Never? rarely...
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    German Tutoring

    I'd be interested and and $15 is a pretty good rate - but USYD is a bit far, I live in Cherrybrook. Oh well, what are good times for you? :)
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    Does anybody need German tuition?

    Whereabouts, Chris?