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  1. timmii

    2003 Students - Perfect 100?

    so sique...were you one of them? :p :D
  2. timmii

    question about first in subject and all-rounders

    Those who top a subject find out tomorrow (monday). Those who get all rounder only find out once they get their marks and realise they got 10+ units above 90. (ceremony in feb). Not sure about 100s. I remember being told last year on the tuesday that a guy i knew had gotten 100...but my best...
  3. timmii

    - Law Transfer -

    Disclaimer: Don't have confirmed knowledge, so don't rely on it. its just a thought.... Go where you want to go for economics, because you can transfer across unis. For instance, our esteemed admin, Lazarus, scarted off doing science (I think) at usyd, wanted to transfer into law in second...
  4. timmii

    very expensive textbooks...

    Shaz, ok i don't even know what international business is. Minai does it, so you should ask him. personally I think its safer to stick with accounting. It is a recognised skill that can be applied anywhere, and also teaches management skills. It can be applied to international business whilst...
  5. timmii

    very expensive textbooks...

    mmmh, ours isnt that great either, but her uni's may be good. Its more bout being able to ask for advice from them perhaps. Also look for scholarships, grants etc? Seriously, wait a couple of weeks, so you can meet ppl and ask older students what they do, and also determine what you need to...
  6. timmii

    very expensive textbooks...

    Shaz - depends of the subject. Like asq said, you often need the latest copy because of new cases, but sometimes there *isnt* a latest copy - so u can get a second hand copy. Also they often have 'recommended' but not 'required' texts - which you can just borrow or photocopy from the library...
  7. timmii


    OMG courtenay, i saw this thread and just *Wanted* to post "if". I looooooove it :D :D :D
  8. timmii

    The Big Read

    1984, George Orwell - really enjoyed it, thought it was clever albeit slightly over hyped. Also really liked animal farm Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Louis de Bernieres - read it before i'd heard of it (if that makes sense). The story sometimes got windy but i really loved the historical...
  9. timmii

    Reading List

    Yes it is...I read a new translation which aimed to keep the spirit of the texts - i.e its humour and satire rather than *strict* old english translation, so it was *very* enjoyable - i even laughed out loud a few times. Very clever :) I am currently reading a fairly tawdry book "a thousand...
  10. timmii

    recording foreign debt - BOP

    Ok i've been asked a couple of times why Australia's foreign debt is not recorded in the CA, and is recorded in the KAFA, so i'm going to try and explain it here. The balance of payments conforms to double-entry bookkeeping so every transaction has two effects - inflows and outflows as it...
  11. timmii

    usyd scholarship interviews

    Pigs - it may be a sign u're getting a 100 ;) Or they may just be waiting on ur uai to see which one you're awarded...:) Good luck! (and don't think about it, whatever happens, happens!)
  12. timmii

    why BOP = 0 always?

    Check this thread
  13. timmii

    Exam Thoughts - Session 2, 2003

    hehe yeah that was pointed out to me...oh and seema and reema :p Our tutors seem to have a better sense of imagination! :p
  14. timmii

    Exam Thoughts - Session 2, 2003

    mmmh yeah, I have your exam, its damn hard! I certainly would not have been able to do it! :eek: :shy: So i'm impressed u even knew where to begin - eek 1.5pages filled with tortious acts :rolleyes: My exam...hehe wrong thread...so I won't add too much except that it was hard and i doubt i...
  15. timmii

    2004 cutoff?

    Omg! your memory's incredible! *I* don't even remember those rumours :confused: Though I do remember checking my marks against everyone else's on here and feeling sick at how i was going to miss my course's (rising ;)) cutoff. Mmmmh rumours are meant to freak u out, even if they're true. If...
  16. timmii

    usyd scholarship interviews

    No...but I didn't get one of those general scholarships - hehe I'm not a "good" person...i'm just an academic nerd ;) So don't judge from my experience, i don't know which other ones have interviews.
  17. timmii

    usyd scholarship interviews

    I don't know about the general scholarship one - i applied for that and never heard (but was presumingly rejected). But on uai day the dean of law rang me to say i was "in line for a scholarship" and i got a letter offering a scholarship on the tuesday after uais came out.
  18. timmii

    The perfect score: 100

    i'm educating u...its not a hard word! For ppl thinking they're all cool and hardcore talking bout the 'realities' of the business world and how its all about personal skills and connections... don't really appear to have too extensive a vocab (which is essential for communication) particularly...
  19. timmii

    The perfect score: 100

    nepotism = being promoted coz of family connections...a la james murdoch
  20. timmii

    The perfect score: 100

    nepotism i would say.