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  1. Fizzy_Cyst

    rank modules from hardest to easiest for hsc chemistry and physics

    Year 11: Module 2 (if done properly) The rest Year 12: Module 6 (some tricky calcs and all the theory needs to be understood, not just remembered) Module 8 (Pretty much pure rote learning and I hate rote learning) Module 7 (similar to Mod 6 -- a bit more rote learning tho, calcs are easy but...
  2. Fizzy_Cyst

    Is KIT closing?

    The owner of KIT is an ex-student of mine. DM me your number and I’ll get in touch with him to get in touch with you 👍
  3. Fizzy_Cyst

    BoS Trials Maths, Physics and Business Studies 2023

    Good luck, homies! You will need it :) Unfortunately, I cannot be there for the Phys exam. but I will be there in spirit! :angel:
  4. Fizzy_Cyst

    BoS Trials Maths, Physics and Business Studies 2023

    Looking forward to seeing how everyone finds the Phys paper! I’m hopeful of making it to Sigma / SCOM on the day and possibly staying around for a bit on campus to answer any other questions you nerds have! 😊
  5. Fizzy_Cyst

    What is a cheaper but equivalent version of Sigma tutoring

    You get what you pay for! :) The fact that we have waiting lists for several of our classes indicates to me that a cheaper but equal version doesn't exist. Sigma is still cheaper than the vast majority of 'top tier' tutoring centres, but there are others at a lower price point which would do a...
  6. Fizzy_Cyst

    Is Peak HSC or Ace Tutoring Better for Physics and Chemistry

    I’ve heard positive things about both places for Chemistry. Some of my physics students goto ACE for Chem and are taught by a guy named James Patel (I think?) and they say he is great. Some of my physics students go to Peak and are taught by Roy, who I know is an amazing teacher!
  7. Fizzy_Cyst

    Is Art of Smart good for physics and chemistry yr 11?

    Biggest piece of advice for Year 11 is to try out numerous places before sticking with one. Its super important that by the time you enter Year 12, you have found the one that works best for you 👍
  8. Fizzy_Cyst

    Good Physics tutoring colleges?

    Hey, hey 👋 Chris from Sigma here :) Whilst the preliminary classes are pretty much filled, I am either looking into starting another Prelim class on Saturday AM or even adding a few more students to each existing class as I know quite a few students will opt for the simultaneous online lesson...
  9. Fizzy_Cyst

    Having a hard time looking for tutoring centres. Help‼️

    Sigma Science Education in Parramatta :) No bias whatsoever
  10. Fizzy_Cyst

    Sydney Centre of Mathematics

    A great place for mathematics tuition! Have only heard positive things about them. Plus, there is a very handsome Physics Tutor next door to them! 😁
  11. Fizzy_Cyst

    ACE Parra or SIGMA for Year 11 Physics?

    ROFLMAO 🤣 Gotta look after my #SigmaFam! Combined with my soothing voice, the chairs have been known to put students to sleep 😴
  12. Fizzy_Cyst

    ACE Parra or SIGMA for Year 11 Physics?

    Legitttt bruvvvvv! I only just moved into this new place 12 months ago, thinking it would be big enough for 3 years.. 2021 be time to look around again!
  13. Fizzy_Cyst

    ACE Parra or SIGMA for Year 11 Physics?

    Defz Sigma :) Hopefully you have contacted me and have come for a lesson or two! After this week (was meant to be last week, but I’ve caved in to a couple of students, lol), I won’t be accepting any further students for the Preliminary course. My prelim material is pretty nice, I’m sure ACE has...
  14. Fizzy_Cyst

    Matrix or Sigma Science?

    Awwwwwwww, thanks guys ❤️
  15. Fizzy_Cyst

    YR12 Physics + Chem Tuition - HSC 2018/19 -Parramatta - HSC Marker- 10 Years Teaching

    Bumpppp, Getting ready for a new intake for Year 12, 2020 and Year 11, 2020 :) Limited spots available.
  16. Fizzy_Cyst

    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    Hahaha. You would love the projectile motion question I do with my class about dodgy Lebanese ‘builders’.
  17. Fizzy_Cyst

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    So nervous for my behbehs! #sigmafam
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    Obvs typo -- you meant "that is the worst fucking paint edit job i have ever seen in my life and i got my car 'resprayed' by a lebo."
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    $40/hr Tutoring (99.75) - Maths (All levels)

    Re: $40/hr Tutoring (99.75) - Biology, Physics, 2U, 3U and 4U Maths Ouch :(