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    @its_ace21 not sure sorry, the vendor is still running public beta tests but doesn't provide...

    @its_ace21 not sure sorry, the vendor is still running public beta tests but doesn't provide timelines otherwise.
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    Insertion vs Selection Sort

    My understanding was that it does not bubble up when moving the min/max, but instead shifts all elements to make room. But online there are resources showing both. So i'd probably go with whatever the HSC textbooks say and your teacher shows you, jchips' resource shows the shifting version...
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    Insertion vs Selection Sort

    The selection sort grows a sorted portion of the array by finding the next smallest/largest element and swapping it with the first/last unsorted element. We don't need to touch the sorted portion of the array, just grow it by swapping out the element that's in the spot we want to use. This means...
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    Thoughts on this article?

    I think it's because there is almost no exclusivity of universities in Australia, every single university (maybe not course) is achievable for an average student - even if you may have to do some transfers or take a less desirable course to get there. As a result, there's not much real prestige...
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    unsw vs uts 😹

    As for Business vs Commerce, this is simply a naming choice. UTS B Business is their equivalent to UNSW B Commerce. All of the older universities in Australia use "Commerce", and may offer separate "Business" or "Business Services" degrees which are not equivalent. I believe UTS call it Business...
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    unsw vs uts 😹

    Not true, you might be thinking of "Bachelor of Engineering Science Bachelor of Laws" which has the equivalent of a 3 year "Engineering Science" degree rather than 4/5 year "Engineering". Engineering/Business is the full accredited engineering degree with embedded honours. Unlike the...
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    Lecturers are notorious for replying to long emails with brief responses ("yes"). It will probably be more effective to talk to tutors or post questions on whatever discussion board your uni uses.
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    A question for engineering students at Uni

    Never used SolidWorks, so not sure what the bottlenecks are tbh. But I knew mates (at UTS) studying Mechanical who were installing SolidWorks on their home PCs/laptops back in 2013, back when 8gb was quite good lol. The specs suggest 16gb+ RAM, but i'd assume having the minimum specs would be...
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    A question for engineering students at Uni

    I had a look at the Handbook for first year, and it seems the main programming will be an introductory CS course in first year and any programming that comes up during other courses e.g. Maple for maths, most likely some coding with some of the other courses given the CS pre-req. As it's a CS...
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    A question for engineering students at Uni

    Stuff like SolidWorks for mechanical engineering I think you would need a Windows machine for running natively. For Software Engineering/Comp Sci, running Linux would be preferable (but may not suffice as your only operating system) but you could probably make a case for either MacOS being...
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    brittany higgins

    This is what has confused me a lot ever since the BRS defamation trial, it felt like a criminal case. That's why I commented earlier, I genuinely think a lot of the general public might not realise that in this case Brittany Higgins is just a witness in a defamation trial between Lehrmann and...
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    brittany higgins

    It's not even a criminal case though? IMO it's kind of ridiculous that he started a defamation trial under these circumstances.
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    We'll consider it and other reactions eventually. The software doesn't currently support general...

    We'll consider it and other reactions eventually. The software doesn't currently support general emoji reactions very well, but there is a new version coming soon which does.
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    SDD Predictions/Thoughts

    Another option could be availability being affected by DDoS attacks without appropriate mitigations. Such a medical database would need to be accessed during medical emergencies, so availability is a big concern. Vulnerability to DDoS attacks could open the database owners to ransom attempts or...
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    Atar estimation (so I don’t cry when my results release)

    It doesn't factor into the calculation, but it provides context to how the ranks compare to the rest of the state and what the marking standards may be like.
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    Hey! How have you been?

    Hey! How have you been?
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    Data science URGENT

    I would assume the question wants you to simulate it as a hint to build intuition on how the game works. I think once you "get" the game, as Sam has pointed out, there's not much value in simulating it. The simulation with that intuition would simply involve starting with $-10 and looping for...
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    Comparing sorts

    Merge sort is commonly introduced in undergraduate algorithms classes as it's a good example of divide and conquer, and how sorting can have a worst case of O(n log n) rather than O(n^2). But quick sort is faster than merge sort in practice even though it's academically worse, since it has lower...
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    Comparing sorts

    The main ways of comparing sorts would be run-time (worst case, best case + average, constant factors + real world performance), memory usage, stability, parallelisation and if they are online or offline. For SDD, I would probably focus on best case run time, the behaviour for pre-sorted arrays...
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    Summary of Approaches

    It's been a long time since i've seen the SDD syllabus, but in practice... Not necessarily, a big reason for using prototyping is to explore requirements which are sometimes notoriously hard to elicit from customers. Alternatively, you might explore different tech stacks, frameworks, solutions...