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    Preliminary and HSC reports

    Will you get the year 11 and year 12 report in the credentials that the BOS gonna send to you? If not, Can I request for it?
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    Which one is better?

    bachelor of commerce or applied finance?
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    Electrical Engineering

    Is it hard? Should I take accept the offers if I got band 4 in physics and Band 6 in Math Ext 1?
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    High school

    Is high school physics important for electrical engineering? Or it's partially related ? Or the course is completely new?
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    ATAR estimate please :))

    ESL: 82 (speechless) Math ext1: 91 (happy) Math ext2: 86 ( so so) Language: 94 (state ranking) Physics: 72 (dissapointed)
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    Current Atar Calculator Accuracy

    Re: Most accurate ATAR Calculator Do you guys reckon talent 100 appear to be more realistic? It has the total number of candidates that do 2012 HSC, but Einstein estimate the ATAR using the total number of candidates in 2011.
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    Current Atar Calculator Accuracy

    What about talent 100 guys?
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    This year aggregate

    Will it be higher or lower then previous years?
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    What if BOS cant read ur response?

    Will they report to year adviser or the school?
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    Ranking system

    So if I'm ranked 3th and the gap between me and the 1st is 8% then if the person that ranked 1st got 90, that means my assessment mark will be 82%?
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    HSC results soon!

    Not really student but my relatives, its really an advantage for them because they went to selective school and international student cannot.
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    HSC results soon!

    I know right, its so long for the ATAR to release
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    HSC results soon!

    LOL thank for correction!! Yeah I have similar thought too....I'm certain that I can get into my course but I still want my ATAR to be high so people around me wont look down on me. I just hope that silly things dont happen.
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    HSC results soon!

    How are you all feel? :smile:
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    Moderated assessment mark

    Oh. What about for 4U maths? If you are in the top 40% at school and got band 6 for external exam and the rest are band 5s. Will the moderated assessment of the top 40s be band 6 too?
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    Moderated assessment mark

    I reckon 5-6 people got band 6
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    Moderated assessment mark

    oh okay..I'm happy if its around 80
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    Will I get affected??

    lol thanks. Let c
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    Will I get affected??

    thanks for ur advice, its true. It's just the pressure from others.