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    How accurate is SAM?

    SAM still not working....can someone give me a rough estimate of my UAI? Ancient History 81 Business Studies 61 Adv English 67 Modern History 72 History Extension 26/50 Science 82 Thanks in advance......
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    How accurate is SAM?

    hay yo, i scored myself some nice HSC marks.....betta then i thought i would....'s 11:26 and i still cannot sign into SAM.....tRaFFiC??? Dammit im so anxious....jezzz...people its FREAKIN 11:26 am....stop looking at your predicted UAI....ahahahahhaha jokez....
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    Man i loved that they just give away marks in Senior Science or is it just me? ...... fuckin mad mark booster....i'll be shocked if i get under 90 Good luck to everyone with the rest of the Exams ::wave::
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    Difficulty in comparison to previous years?

    yeh I rekon it was harder then last years HSC paper. Section 1 was anyways......the 2nd Section was alright....I had to change my prepared story a bit but it was pretty good. Section 3 sucked but i rekon i did alright in it.....Section 3 ..... (what the hell is "Interpretation of the new?)...
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats hay i have a scorpion tattoo on my right forearm. See if you can guess what area i live in?