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    Kirby bows out but rejects "Great Dissenter" tag.

    and in doing so he represented the minority judgment in a huge amount of cases - thus the dissent. The number of Constitutional and Admin law cases that have been decided 4:1 and 6:1 with Kirby dissenting.. Shame to see him go.
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    Residential Colleges...

    then college is not for you... The 90% of people in the college who went to private schools and live in the Lower North Shore and don't really care about (their parents') money.
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    Is part-time job more managenable in uni than in HSC?

    im in third year this year at usyd doing Commerce and Law. full time. i have 12 hours of class this semester. the most hours ive ever had in my past two years was 14 hours. that's 2.5 days at uni. you can easily manage a parttime job.
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    Residential Colleges...

    once you get past all the hazing, you look back on it and its actually a really really good & unique experience. to pink-hickup: we had a girl last year who was a model (she was the Bonds girl, went to NY for fashion wk etc) and really 'princessy'. she told everyone to fuck off and leave her...
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    New Law Building?

    I doubt it - the Sydney Law School is a lot more segregated from the rest Usyd than a usual 'faculty' e.g. education, economics. Also, the new building is a relocation of the Philip St campus which was only for law classes.
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    Residential Colleges...

    yeah nonfreshers move in the day before (Sunday) Uni begins (unless you go to UTS) fresher one week earlier obviously. I only know of fresher pain from a St Andrews perspective...but it involves: - all the freshers crammed tightly in a square on their knees for hours being shouted at with...
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    Residential Colleges...

    Scholarships for Drews come out halfway through Sem1. Scholarship for Pauls come out with the offers. From memory, the only time I needed ID last year in OWeek was the Wesley Party. I remember every1 rocking up with their driver licenses taped to their arm to get in. Im pretty sure every...
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    Bullshit 'Defcon' announcement?

    whats off about it? tix are on sale on ticketmaster. wouldn't mind an outdoor hard dance event in syd tho
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    Introductory Mathematical Finance

    Here it is. The subject is fucking hard. But the thing is, they teach a lot of stuff they dont examine. A lot of the lecture is just deriving stuff and you learn a lot of stuff 'just because its good to know'. I would say only 20% of what you learn gets examined. The best perspective I...
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    well that was a bit evil

    lol you sacrificed exam time for study time. wth is that youve had a year to study for software you only get 3 hrs to do an exam
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Yes unemployment can fall below the NAIRU. end of story
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    Question 7

    I think many of you are confused and are thinking along the lines of: "If the natural rate includes only structural and frictional, how can unemployment fall below this?" This comes from a basic misunderstanding, which arises when the textbook says that: "the NAIRU is when cyclical = 0, and...
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    Question 7

    No-one is saying that the NAIRU decreases. IT is just that the unemployment rate falls below the NAIRU temporarily. Yes, it IS possible in the short run for e < NAIRU. However, it causes inflation [re-think what NAIRU stands for]. Take it from me, an economics major at USyd & former tutor...
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    Beijing Olympics 2008 Discussion Thread

    hectic drumsss. and lol at those cheerleader-style girls who had to dance continuously while 204 countries came in. i'm gonna watch: swimming, athos, rowing, cycling (the velodrome ones), tennis. and can someone explain why usually (this year an exception) the big tennis players don't...
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    best show ever. that weird chick that he roots in college - i think it has some connection to 'animus' which is like our alter ego (google/wiki it). Because in the class, the lecturer guy goes "do you know what animus is?". -- the episode where cassie goes to NY is pretty awesome also...
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    Confusion Over Multiple Choice Question

    hey michael1990, observing how stubborn you are about this question, and the way you approach your argument, i can only gather that you are trying to scab 1 more mark for your assessment that youve just had. I recommend you put your energy into more productive things for your hsc.
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    Residential Colleges...

    1. PEople will try and make you drink. It is up to you to say no - but yes there is a lot of culture / activities revolved around drinking. Having said that people are not going to be like "she doesn't drink lets not be her friend" - it has a lot more to do with your personality. If you can get...
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    Semester 1, 2008 Timetables

    Pretty Good - I'm happy.
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    Best tutoring colleges

    totally agreee. he was the biggest arrogant prick ive ever seen. and he's soo greedy. i went back in the day when missed lessons were refunded and successfully doing an assingment gave you a 10% discount. Now they are gone. So that he can buy a bigger TV. i quit after 1 term - but not before...
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    The Department Says Relax

    You had a bout of sleep paralysis. google it if you want to know more.