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    It @ uts 2019

    Do you think the 1 year intersnhip at the end of UTS software engineering degree is worth it? I feel like an extra year of possible unpaid internship just to finish a degree is quite a waste of time when the USYD degree is only 4 years compared to UTS (5). Could you offer advice on whether...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Could someone provide a link to where exactly on the UAC site we go to? Or is it a tab that only pops us at 9am or something? edit: just downloaded the app and will use it instead since there is a check your atar option on the front menu, much easier
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Feeling pretty satisfied with mine Eng adv - 85 (not that happy with this tho, paper 1 brought me down i think) physics - 79 (would've liked a band 5 but oh well) business - 89 (also would've liked band 6 but not a big deal) IPT - 90 (very happy coz i thought i screwed up multi choice real bad)...
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    I also found it easier, band 6 cut off will defininately be higher. What did u guys write for the reason that projectile motion experiment was invalid? I honestly had no clue what to write so I just said that you can’t measure the horizontal displacement coz the starting position is not from the...
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    Thoughts on the paper?

    I don't think I did well in multiple choice, and the last 5 marker in DSS was a little confusing as I was running out of time. But the rest of DSS, TPS and short answer were pretty easy I think
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    Sports Med wtf

    I basically tried to do 3 big paras, external pressure, internal pressure and use of painkillers. Within those I mentioned how policies and procedures address these to ensure athletes aren't being put onto the field before they are ready. I don't think you needed to talk about all the other...
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    How'd everyone find the multiple choice section?

    What was the answer to the question with the two diagrams of the arteries? Was it atherosclerosis? I feel like that was the most difficult multiple choice imo
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    Sports Med wtf

    Ethical considerations/policy procedures is quite a standard 12 marker
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    Priority population groups

    Is that what the question specifically asks? Or is it 'how do we identify priority issues for Australia's health' which is straight from the 'learn to' column (in this case you would just go through each dash on the learn about column, e.g social justice principles, priority populations groups)...
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    LOL I just did it manually by adding the 20 terms
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    Yeah those are my favourite too. I'm just hoping theres not too many complex motors and generators questions in multiple choice, I always lose marks on those :spin:
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    So it seems this year NESA is testing waters with the new syllabus for various subjects in these years exam (eg english advanced modules and biology). Do you think this years physics paper could follow this trend? Maybe more projectile motion?
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    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    Im happy, they were all generic questions so I could use pretty much everything I prepared
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    How to study English?

    To get good marks in English you should try to work on assessments as soon as possible so you can submit drafts and get some feedback. Studying English isn't the same as most other subjects, you can either memorise quotes, techniques or analysis (recommended especially for Mod B), or memorising...
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    Should I stop studying for my worst subject if I do 12 units

    My maths marks average to around 60's at the moment, my next worst is physics (but I know I will do better in this for trials + it scales better), the rest of my subjects, although lower scaling, are band 5's and 6's
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    Should I stop studying for my worst subject if I do 12 units

    Hello people, I do 12 units and my worst subject is maths (both ranking and marks wise), is it a good idea to stop studying for this (especially for my maths trials on thursday, where i have 2 exams and the 2nd exam is my strongest subject) so I can focus on my other, stronger subjects?
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    Does percentage error relate to the reliability or accuracy of results?

    Pretty sure its accuracy, since accuracy is based on how close your value is to the accepted value
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Anyone unlucky with their assessment schedule? I got 6 in a span of one and a half weeks :newburn:
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Are you guys handwriting or typing your notes?