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    Post up Estimate Marks!

    mmm maths well that was a let down. probably the worst test ive ever done!!!! firstly the printer mustve broke cos i couldnt read question 6 at all, so i lost marks there..probably 15!!!!! THEN THE EXAMINERS ONLY GAVE ME 2 HOURS TO DO THE TEST!!! SO I LEFT N ONLY REALISED LATER THAT IT WAS...
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    General Thoughts: Agriculture

    OMG!!! that was ridiculously hard. did anyone understand the first 5 marker???? i left halfway thru in tears. my HSC is ruined..:worried: im now dropping my expectations down lower. 97.55 was obviously not in my grasp... help!!!
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    HSC Tips and Tricks | Part 1: Year 12 Info Round-up

    my advise is to drop english like i did!!! it gave me the whole first week off. i used this to study my dance routine (which didnt go well) but was best choice to drop english. UAI= 93.55 hoping anway...
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    Single.. Who has never had a Girlfriend/boyfriend?

    hey every one......i hav never had a gf in my life let alone a kiss.......can some1 plz!! give me some advice ' thanks:wave:
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    Who WON'T be 18 for schoolies?

    schoolies is gay been there for the last two years has been a massive let down every year!!!! DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY!!!!!