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  1. RishBonjour

    Work Experience? Need genuine advice

    This is unpaid for work experience and MOST people like mentoring/teaching so you shouldn't have an issue getting local work experience in your chosen field by cold emailing or cold calling. Linkedin might also work. Btw, what interested you in "financial advising". I didn't even know what...
  2. RishBonjour

    Why is MAQ given so much shit

    And that is at a big 4. Summary: Uni doesn't matter* *excludes elite jobs The general principle is that no matter what university you go to, you can basically still go anywhere in commerce IF and only IF you ars a good candidate. That said, anyone logical will want to maximise their chances of...
  3. RishBonjour

    Internships at the big banks

    Haha do you mean me? If so yes it is. On BoS after ages sharing some knowledge gained :) The question trend on BoS is the same. Good to see students are just as clueless as I was in 2012.
  4. RishBonjour

    Internships at the big banks

    How does one even think of these questions... Absolutely not. I'm not sure about interning but for FT people they do suggest a bank account with the specific bank to be opened for Salary. It will have no bearing on getting selected. And wow you're HSC is in 2021 and already thinking about...
  5. RishBonjour

    Commerce degrees at UNSW, Usyd

    They are both the same. Given that most employers/HR do like seeing CVs that are beefed up, I would probably pick the Dalyell scholars (I don't know much about it, did commerce from usyd before it existed but hey it says 'scholar' so you must be good?). What do you mean by 'worth it'? Is it...
  6. RishBonjour

    Course help!!

    Medicine is just another degree and being a doctor is literally another job. Stop romanticizing the profession. There are PLENTY of people I know who were not sure between law and medicine - how is EVERY 17 year old supposed to 100% know what they want in their career? This is why so many med...
  7. RishBonjour

    Which degree should i choose

    Yep - sounds like its straight out of wolf of wallstreet. Keep your mind open - as a school kid, your best bet is to just study to maximise your ATAR and keep as many doors open as possible. You don't have to decide on a career and especially what type of finance you want until later. BTW...
  8. RishBonjour

    Any Investment Bankers Here?

    Instead of forums like this or WSO or whatever, get a linkedin account, PM a few people who have jobs that you want and ask them if you can catch up for coffee (some will definitely reply!). There is no other effective method of finding out what you want to do with your life than having an...
  9. RishBonjour

    Workshop - Improving Your Cadetship/Intern/Grad Applications (Expression of interest)

    Re: Workshop - Improving Your Cadetship/Intern/Grad Applications (Expression of inter Missed the deadline like a few others above, definitely interested! Would we be able to attend? (Unless already completed)
  10. RishBonjour

    What is the combined bachelor of commerce/ arts degree like? Please help :)

    Yep. There are opportunities in everyfield with some being more scarce than others. You just have to be good enough to get them. Having said that, i don't think its a bad idea to do arts/comm. It is a common combination and you can drop either anytime with negligible impact on your degree...
  11. RishBonjour

    Is 23 too old to be starting Uni?

    There are plenty of 'older' people at uni (but they all tend to look 20 haha). I met a mature aged student in one of my group assignments, she was 25 (would pass as a 20 year old any day). Without her our whole group would have failed because she basically called us up to go consults and work on...
  12. RishBonjour

    Graduate/ Vacationer Programs?

    You should know this - yes, you will certainly be disadvantaged. Does this mean your application gets chucked out? no. It depends what you're after. Big 4 internships are competitive. IB internships or big banks are extremely competitive from what I hear. They generally just want to see if...
  13. RishBonjour

    What majors should I take in B. Commerce at Usyd for investment banking career?

    You are mislead. Note the Edit in my above post. If you misunderstand a simple post like that - you will most probably struggle with university.
  14. RishBonjour

    What majors should I take in B. Commerce at Usyd for investment banking career?

    Yes it is hard - if anyone could get into it and adapt to the lifestyle it wouldn't be attractive anymore. lol Whirlpool generally says its 85+ wam. Which isn't a strict rule either (you have to be lucky to get in with a wam in commerce below that). 95+ is incorrect - by a long shot. Or people...
  15. RishBonjour

    Courses Help!!!!

    Comm/Law - usyd or unsw is purely up to you to decide. Mckinsey, Bains and BCG hire people with MBBS, law etc etc - basically any academically rigorous degree - you just have to have outstanding academics (i.e. commerce with a major in management/marketing will most probably not get you in)...
  16. RishBonjour

    What majors should I take in B. Commerce at Usyd for investment banking career?

    As far as I know (quite limited), no it shouldn't affect your friend's chances too much. But you want to MAXIMISE your chances of getting into whatever profession you desire right? In that case, commerce would be better. However, someone with B Econ(stats, finance etc) and a solid D-HD average...
  17. RishBonjour

    Is it possible to do two degrees at once?

    Firstly, sorry to hear about your situation. This should not be happening in this country. Tell your parents that engineering does not hold the same 'prestige' as they think it does (I'm assuming you're curry or arab). They definitely should not dictate what you do - however, they are...
  18. RishBonjour

    What majors should I take in B. Commerce at Usyd for investment banking career?

    Generally, MOST people do two majors in a single commerce degree (you need it to make up the credit points to earn the degree and graduate). Also generally, only people doing double degrees major in one area. OP, You should try QBUS (I think Quantitative business) - basically statistics...
  19. RishBonjour

    Texbooks and the COOP website

    It's like revision questions - both mathematical and conceptual. It is quite good for revision but depends on how you study. I used it a couple of times and found it was far too slow and tedious for my liking - so gave my password to a friend who was struggling. I suggest you buy it (as a...
  20. RishBonjour

    Should I pursue law?

    Safraaz, To be quite frank, I think it's best not to look too far ahead. Most people on bos aren't experienced enough to comment on career progressions (although they give good insights). The best that could be done now - is to focus on the present: Smash umat + Maintain GPA (I believe you can...