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    5 Years Experience: HSC Biology, Physics, Maths 2u/3u/4u, Senior Science

    My name is Nathan Hanley, I am a 2006 graduate from Hurlstone and have been a HSC tutor for the past 4 and a half years. I am currently completing my final year, and Structural Engineering thesis, for a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) / Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) at...
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    HSC 2010- Experienced Tutor - Maths 2/3 unit, Physics, Biology

    ACCEPTING YEAR 12 STUDENTS FOR 2010 HSC, AS WELL AS YEARS 7-11. I'm currently a fourth year Science/Engineering student at the University of Sydney, and tutor the following subjects: Mathematics Advanced (2 unit) Mathematics Extension 1 (3 unit) Physics (Option topics tutored: 'Quanta to...
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    4 unit maths tutor needed!!!

    ROFL which tutors tutor in which area aren't exactly state secrets =P. I'm sure if you post up you'll find numerous tutors in your area, or tutors willing to drive to your area or meet you nearby.
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    BROKE? need CHEAP english tutoring?

    That depends on how much you improved in that subject (assuming you actually put in the effort, not just turned up to tutoring once a week and never did any study). In the end value is based on YOUR results and how they improve, not the results of your tutor. A tutor estimates their price based...
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    BROKE? need CHEAP english tutoring?

    What's the matter with you guys? I think the above comments are extremely rude and uncalled for. If you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all. Surely you have something better to do, such as study for your exams, then troll these forums and insult people over...
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    Need help with Maths or Physics??

    I highly recommend Aaron, he really knows his stuff, and is excellent at explaining complex concepts in simple, easy to understand ways and is a very patient tutor.
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    Wanted: Maths Tutor

    ...Uh grats?
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    Wanted: Maths Tutor

    Atif is a very smart guy. Went to hs with this bloke. Highly recommend :D.
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    complex numbers?

    Something not to be confused about ;): Imaginary numbers: multiples of i (as you said the square root of negative 1) Complex numbers: A number of the form z (<- called complex number) = a + ib Where a and b are real numbers, and i is (-1)^1/2 e.g z= 5 +9i z= pi - ei A complex number as you can...
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    complex numbers?

    Haha this is not a rude comment but given this is a 3 unit forum, that post is pretty much completely useless. Not in terms of the world hehe, just to these 17 and 18 year old kids who haven't even heard of euler's formula ;). After 2 years of uni I haven't heard of quartenions :P.
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    Help in checking Logs...

    Trebla is absolutely correct of course (thats a uni grade answer ;)) but don't sweat it if you find the proof/rason hard to follow, that is a concept beyond 2 unit and I doubt they would ask you anything along these lines even in 4 unit. This question is not so much asking you to look at the...
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    Biology and chemistry tutor wanted

    I am posting an ad on behalf of a student who can't seem to get onto this site (internet issues or something). Contact his father for more details. Tutoring Desired for Biology 2 unit and Chemistry 2 unit HSC. Call (02) 99482546 (home) or 0417246446 (mobile) Preferably around North shore...
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    UAI 97+ 2/3/4U Maths and Physics Tutor

    ROFLMAO. Mate I'm a dude. Check the gender part underneath my name.
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    UAI 97+ 2/3/4U Maths and Physics Tutor

    Whats wrong with you? His qualifications are quite fine, nothing disappointing about 93 in Ext 2 and 96 in Ext 1. He's perfectly qualified to tutor those subjects, and theres nothing wrong with him keeping his thread alive by bumping it everynow and then. If you don't have any non-negative...
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    Wollongong 2/3 unit Maths, Physics and Chemistry Tutoring

    $22 an hour? Unless you decided to tutor 5 hour sessions thats a looooooooooooot of change mate
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    behemoth100, Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/ Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) II