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    CARS & RIDES & Mighty Car Mods

    Cars 2 is my favourite movie, followed closely by Mr Poppers Penguins
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    The Anime Thread

    Naruto is my favourite hentai
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    You know what this is. It's an ATAR estimate request.

    Do not listen to the other guy, you're going to get an ATAR of 99.95 even if you fail the HSC so don't study just play games.
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    Desperately need ATAR estimate!!!

    52 ATAR at the moment. I suggest improving your business. At the moment you're headed for Billy Blue.
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    Atar Estimate Pleeease!!!

    This will probably net an ATAR of 35 I suggest TAFE
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    Atar ESTIMATE PLEASE say I AM close to 90 ATAR

    This will probably net you a 65ish ATAR so you could get into UWS if you'd like