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    HSC Physics Aftermath

    yeah i finished in about 2 hrs as well multiple choice took about 40min, went and did it twice checked it for 15 min then walked out didnt want to sit in the room for 45 doing nothing
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    I studied for the last 2 days for THAT?

    it looks like if you didnt kill the exam you wont get scaled up it was a joke seriously
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    MC Answers

    haha damn i think i made up half of them mc was the hardest part of the test is copper magnetic?? yeah i only got 1 d as well for answer
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    I studied for the last 2 days for THAT?

    yeah i was wondering that as well dont want to jinx myself or was it...easy...very easy i walked out with 45 min to go anyway chem on firday then i am freee!!!!:D
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    i hate sdd! i hate it!! i hate it!! i hate it!!! and the board was complaning that not enougn students were getting into the top bands so what do they do make the exam even bloody harder good one!!:chainsaw:
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    how 2 do 4unit maths?

    yeah first have to make sure you understand all the main concepts, then make your own notes, because you usually can remeber your own stuff better than some1 elses then practice practice practice
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    What School Are You All From?

    st marys cathedral college syd any1 else from there i'd check but too lazy to go through the thread hehehe :D
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    Vote UR estimated exam mark!!! howditgo?

    damn lost like 10 marks at least from q7 hopefully no careless errors in the rest of the paper it was pretty fair test had half hour to work on q7 but still got nowhere with most of it
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    murk up day - what did u do

    my school is a prison couldnt do anything
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    cool thanks for your advice i was thinking of psych at unsw hopefully the ba of psych, but dunno if i will get the uai or can manage the distiniction average :uhoh: but if not then i would do it through adv sci
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    OMFG Its Here!

    hahah yeah i totally agree but only started to feel stress like right now cause i am soo screwed for paper 2 tomoro before just happy to get into the HSC and get it over with