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    Uai 80-89

    IPT 90 IT 88 Eng (Adv) 80 Economics 79 Maths 2U 71 Physics 75 UAI 84.75
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    Haha ^ Typical responses by disgruntled IPT students who look down on others who have chosen this subject... i like!
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    It is 2am

    nahhh, why would you think that?
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    Raw band cutoffs?

    smartest thing I've read in this thread.
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    hahaha sorry, IT and scaling don't mix well. It scales poorly, however your HSC mark is totally dependent on your exam mark. So if you're confident in the exam oyu can pull off a band 6, otherwise Band 5s are fairly common outcomes.
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    A few more do Standard and there's a couple of thousand who do ESL
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    Anyone get a UTS BIT interview?

    Notifications aren't due out till later in November
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    General Thoughts

    Someone explain the excessive use of the word "Discuss" in situations where it was not needed. Lack of creativity by the paper authors..
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    There was a change in syllabus between last year and this year. Thus there was a change in the exam content potentially making it seem more difficult. I didn't do the IT course in '07 so I can't say which course is/was harder.
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    There is always some ambiguous question about USBs in the iT papers... This year I thought the question was straight forward. It was simply an Indetnify the USB port question
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    Re: How Was The Exam 2008!?!?! Mr Confident.
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    ATTN: IT HSC Attendee's

    It's almost relief. Minus the fact it is based on the previous syllabus which does not include 2 new core topics........
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    Studying Techniques

    Well, all the study should be wrapped up by now. Time to rumble.
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    Vet It: What 2 Study Now!

    time to get serious. All the best guys.
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    Im Really Scared!!

    Yep. However barring all misadventure claims- the HSC is it.
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    Vet It: What 2 Study Now!

    alternatively you can skip Cert III and go straight for Cert IV which looks at more serious computing
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    Im Really Scared!!

    Last year roughly 2000 students sat the IT exam, 40 of whom received band 6s. There are no internal marks for IT, you do not need to sit the exam and you can still get the Cert II. Whatever you score in the exam will be your raw mark for the subject.
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    Vet It: What 2 Study Now!

    9 of the core topics in Cert II carry over to Cert III. So essentially you have an understanding of just over half the course work for Cert III.
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    To those who are considering to do this subject

    The CSSA is a paper produced for Catholic schools State-wide. They are used for trials generally