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    MC Answers

    1. B Acceleration always acts down 2. A Time will run slower and length will contract 3. B Obvious... 4. B Obvious.. 5. D I got the wrong answer first, then fixed it and got this. I'm sure this is right. 6. A Obvious.. 7. A...
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    I studied for the last 2 days for THAT?

    1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. A 8. C 9. C 10. B 11. A 12. C 13. C 14. B 15. A Those are my MC answers. Also with the Jules Verne and the big cannon to fire a capsule to the moon what did you guys get? I mean, logically i'm sure i'm right, but I mean, I...
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    genius mind bender.......

    Dood, you got gallileo confused with newton. Gallileo dropped a ball of some sort from the mast of the ship to show that the ball shared the boats motion and hence was in an inertial frame of reference as the ball landed in the bucket at the base of the mast. Newton "hypothesised" about...
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    Space: Inertial and Non-inertial frames

    If you end up using a boat I wont get angry :P
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    Space: Inertial and Non-inertial frames

    Ok, so the boat goes over a wave and accelerates upwards, the tension in the string decreases. Whoop-dee-doo. Your little scenario isn't any different to mine except that you can measure the acceleration which isn't required. Whatever example people choose, just make sure you can destinguish...
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    Space: Inertial and Non-inertial frames

    The EASIEST one to remember is a boat. Put a ball on a table, or attach it to a string. Then when the boat accelerates, the ball rolls off the table, or the string swings back. This happens when is decelerates and when it turns. i.e. it's in a non-inertial frame of reference. When it's going...
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    Personal research on IQ tests (proper and otherwise)?

    Ok here goes. On the national IQ test I was told I had an IQ of 143. Spark = 161 Psychiatrist (age 15) = maths - top .5% english - top 2% (I was illiterate at age 8, and doing year 8 maths at age 9) reasoning or some logic thingo - top .5% He...
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    who knows what recoil velocity is??

    Yup. Anyway, the more I think about equating energies, the more I realise how many variables there are and how many unknowns. Equating momentums is the way to do I, I just wanted to see if there were others but, alas, they don't teach us what we would need to know to do it this way in year...
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    who knows what recoil velocity is??

    Oh and I nearly forgot, recoil velocity is just the velocity of a gun,cannon, atom etc once a projectile/particle has been projected/emmited. It is a direct consequence of the conservation of momentum (which further leads me to believe i'm not considering all the factors with my second example...
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    who knows what recoil velocity is??

    Hey guys, I tried posting my answers yesturday but I always get fucking database errors - they piss me fucking off. *mummbles* I did the question two ways, the first of which was the way in which blackjack did it, and I got the same answer. Although I might point out that if you got a...
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    Mistake On Question 10!

    For b)3) there were three points, well atleast that's what I got x= 0 (damn, automatically presumed it was max, should have checked :( ) x= + root 60 x= - root 60 These last two were maximums from my quick analysis although I could be wrong.
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    Multiple Choice Answers!!!!!!!

    Yeah I got your answer for 15 and 16 (both of them are definately right) but 13 is wrong in my opinion. Detailing the time frame of the project definately occurs in the project plan whereas determining the nature of the problem occurs afterwards from what I remember. A is the more correct answer.
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    Multiple Choice Answers!!!!!!!

    A feasibility study technically does help with the development of the information system just as much as a prototype does. Anyway, we're not debating about the wording. Just look at the diagram. The only thing that looks to me to be anything like a prototype is the first box. The rest indicates...
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    Multiple Choice Answers!!!!!!!

    I got all ym multiple choice answers correct except for one which you guys seem to have different to me. And that's question 10. I really think the answer is C because it's only during the feasibility study that you get to decide where you Reject the idea, revise the idea or accept the...
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    Option topic

    I did physics last year and i'm doing it again this year (accelerated and compounded course, years 11 and 12 in 6 months) so i'm not just plucking this from my arse. I can tell you from experience that Quanta to Quarks is not the easiest option topic. The questions they ask are relatively...