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  1. Carrotsticks

    Best maths tutoring poll

    I feel like we just gone done a massive dirty because we got added and then the poll got closed =(((((
  2. Carrotsticks

    Sydney Centre of Mathematics

    Hello! =) We don't sell them standalone. The notes are only part of the learning experience. We want to be judged by students off the whole package, not just our notes themselves. I hope you can understand this rationale! 😊😊🙏🙏
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    Sydney Centre of Mathematics

    Hey! I'm one of the owners of SCOM =) I'm so glad to see that my business has made it here! What we do differently is that we go through some pretty intense stuff but in a much more relaxed learning environment. CM Tutor is absolutely correct in saying that there is no such thing as a 'one size...
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    textbooks Used for 4 unit

    Thanks for raising that. I've sent in a request with the updated cover now.
  5. Carrotsticks

    textbooks Used for 4 unit

    Yes, finally they have arrived and I have one next to me right now! I wish they could have come sooner but it is what it is. I have made it as in-depth as I could and there is a plethora of challenging problems in it. I hope they will be useful for current and future students.
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    Which trial papers are usually the most difficult?

    Considering the post was made 15 years ago, I doubt your chances of getting a reply.
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    textbooks Used for 4 unit

    Thanks for the heads up! I will get that corrected.
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    textbooks Used for 4 unit

    Thanks for updating that for everybody. Small correction for this one. This book will have only one author being myself.
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    It's great! It's a very accessible version of League since almost all mechanical skills are thrown out the window. The tutorial hero is Layla and I've been playing her ever since and managed to get to "Epic" rank playing basically just her.
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    Thoughts on maths 3u/4u textbook

    We're not going to do a second edition until at least after the 2020 HSC. This is because NESA was really unclear on a few things so a lot of the authors (myself included) just did what we felt made the most sense based on our experience as teachers and as mathematicians. After 2020 HSC you can...
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    Is Halo Reach any good? I've been playing recently Bloons TD5, Golf with Friends, and Mobile Legends. I've laid off a bit on my regulars a bit (Overwatch and CS and Mordhau)
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    Thoughts on maths 3u/4u textbook

    Hi all <3 I am one of the authors of the MANSW book "Mastering Mathematics", and I'm so glad it's starting to gain traction in the student community now. So to address a few points: - Yes! It is comprehensive and has loads of questions. Not just textbook questions, but interesting ones too...
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    Should i drop Maths Ext 2?

    You're very welcome! However, I would advise especially for Extension 2 that your brother should be using multiple texts for Extension 2. No textbook is perfect and each text has strengths in areas where another text may fall short. I would highly suggest getting one book from each major...
  14. Carrotsticks

    Should i drop Maths Ext 2?

    The new Extension 2 course is now considerably thinner than the old one, and a diligent student can most certainly learn the content on their own. Really, they are not 100% on their own since they do still have a teacher to support them. The parts of the new syllabus where the student may need...
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    PC builds

    Looks great man! Nice job. Does the case get in the way of your legs when you play?
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    Can they assess us on time payments in extension 1?

    Technically they can but it hasn't happened for so many years that you may as well leave it out and just accept your fate if one does appear. If I were a student, I wouldn't even bother. They did it twice or so in the history of the syllabus (old one). This was when it was out of 84 marks. Now...
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    Projectile motion with resistance proportional to the square of the velocity

    I wouldn't make it part of my standard teaching lessons. More like an add-on for the times when you get those few students who just find the linear case too easy and you want to keep them busy otherwise they'll find cheeky ways of spending their energy like distracting others. Integrating this...
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    probability question

    You be trippin' The 4 ways you can do it are already included in the 8/8. But I know what you're trying to do so let me provide an answer that more closely aligns with your thinking style. Pretend that the 4 pairs are called A, B, C and D. Let's find the probability of matching "A" pair...
  19. Carrotsticks

    Good Textbooks for MX1

    My time to shine! So I am one of the authors of this book series here which does Adv, MX1 and MX2 (coming soon). We have lots of questions that are structured and scaffolded for students still new to the...
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    Absolute value question

    I agree with your statement and think you should contest your mark. If not out of practicality, then at least out of principle. This is the fault of the typesetter for not nesting them correctly and you are in the clear here.