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    yeh i finished the exam in one and a half hours, was a lot easier than i expected and i didnt really study much, i know i lost about 6 marks here and there but other than that i think i did well
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    damnit, ill have to hunt my old teacher down then
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    could someone who has the exam please scan it or put it up for me coz then i can roughly work out what i got.
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    Aiming for high marks in general

    our trial was a bit fucked at my school and i came 1st with 77% which is my worst maths mark all year i usually get 87+ so hopefully i can get that on the exam day lol
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    Site-Specific, Street and Event Theatre

    i love the irony there, lol what school do you go to? im in coffs harbour and i cant wait til i can hand those two paperwieghts back to the school for site specific
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    Site-Specific, Street and Event Theatre

    yep im doing this module and man did my teacher well not teach it, you bring her an essay youve come up with and she give you a 12 and you bring the exact same essay the week after and gt an 18 go figure... our performance hahah that was a shamble we did conformity but i think none of us wanted...
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    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    ah loved the question, i had to read it a couple of times and think a little but then realised how easy it was and how well my essay fit it hopefully itll make up for my lear essay
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    Module C: Representation and Text

    frontline was pretty straightforward to answer, it was slightly dodgy but again you could make it fit and i worked all my eps and rel texts into it hopefully how markers wanted it...
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    well it appears like most i hated king lear, it was much more specific than the other years but i managed to make my essay fit it because it was to what extent about lear and i made it minimal and crapped my context essay on... and liger the only way i was able to incorporate other peoples...
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    Final Works 2006

    i had two graphics for my poster because my teachers told us we had to have two... so here they are
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    Promotion and program

    yeh everyone chooses perforance or costume.... only one other person in my year chose promo and that was because she injured her back and couldnt do performance.... if you guys want to share any of your works so we can all see post in the final works thread, or here
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    "Still Angela" - Anyone doing it?

    ok i couldnt find them but off the top of my head in point form is the following, hope it helps, if you have any queries aboutthe play feel free to ask me :) themes - aging, tension, identity, feminist theatre, domestication about - transformations, self realisation and discovery 3...
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    Final Works 2006

    I wondered if anyone wanted to show their major wor now its all handed in? i have to rescale pictures and then ill post mine, i did promortion for 'myth, propaganda and disaster in nazi germany and contemporary america' so if you wish to share post away, hopefully a few ppl will share, it'd...
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    Promotion and program

    i did too, only a few shots though, made it look more professional and credible
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    Promotion and program

    mines finally all printed out and complete sitting in a folder on a beanbag until monday morning... i think the printing lady i dealt with hates me now...if she'd only listened in the first place.....
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    "Still Angela" - Anyone doing it?

    im also doing still angela, i can put up some of my notes, also have the dvd of a perfprmance of it, makes the play make so much more sense. ill find my notes and upload them onto here for you
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    Telling the Truth - Related Texts

    it hasnt been mentioned yet but 'anchorman', and 'thank you for smoking' are good to use too
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    Study Notes: Global

    ah thankyou ive been searching for global environment notes
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    Ruby Moon - Notes

    I agree there, though i think there were some a while back, also add to the list Still Angela, Eyes on Stalks and Fire on the Water. its fun not being able to find notes on your 4 texts isn't it? *sarcasm* well ill put my ruby moon notes up and hopefully others will follow these were...
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    Promotion and program

    would i be able to email you mine as well for some teacher pretty much tries to help but makes no sense or comes up with really really tacky ideas... or just shuts me down completely.