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    hey mate dont knock it till youve tried/understand it. fair enough you dont like spearfishing but 'playing the game on even terms?' ....watching out for sharks, holding your breath underwater for like a minute whilst trying to chase a fish and not blackout and die(which is all too common). trust...
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    Road trip Music for schoolies

    red hot chili peppers - you have to play the roadtrippin song!!
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    year 12 muckup days

    bobatron you willl NEVER guess who i am. never even come close (not even with that cheeky bruce moose.. i am the one you fear!! we know you are no man. but whos to say you are no lesbian. n come on.... wheres not the fun in a lil tad of vandalism. burning our names into the...
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    Option: TPS

    i started (stupidly) without readin the whole 'attempt two Q' n did TPS and ended up staying with it instead of DSS cause i thought it was easier. even though we didnt study it at all in class. i just learnt the whole dam text book in one nite. except for MICR
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    How was it?

    what did ppl put for the stupid question about where do you think telecommunications will go in the future? i sat on it for like 15mins before i crapped on about that we should look towards holograms like in starwars.
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    year 12 muckup days

    OK BoBatron me thinks me knows who you bees WOODLE! i thought yous were going to C.Bears on the 11th instead of camping. thats just weak.. you should be ashamed SHAME SHAME SHAME. breaking the tradition of our year SHAME! get out of town with your big fat ATLAS HEAD!!! SHAME
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    Marine science

    thanx guys. not a lot of help but thanx for replying anyway. at least i know the fishing and diving is good... which is much more important to me than uni! ill know where to go if i ever make it up there. the way my exams are goin i probably wont get a good enough UAI anyways
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    year 12 muckup days

    i dunno about his car. but wat i do know is someone(not mentioning any names) accidentally opend their door onto mooreheads nice shiney one when we were backing out... not a pretty sound. maybe i went to last camping... mabe not... bit of net paranoia u know! u could be one of those freaky old...
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    UAC reply

    i havent recieved a UAC reply acknowledging my prefernces yet. going through a few threads ive read that lots of people have already got them. i did recieve a reply to my EAS application though. should i be worried or is it just a process that takes weeks and weeks to go through?
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    what irritates you in the HSC exams?!?!

    whats really annoying is when supervisors wont stop there dam old people smokers cough and keeps jingling their keys in their pocket during the exam. we should of kicked her out. stupid old shrunken granny taunting us... just because she never went past 4th grade and obviously doesnt know the...
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    year 12 muckup days

    now your scaring me.. whos this? that thinks we went to the same school? but i guess.... there is only one nazi librarian like goldmember that sends haunted shivers down your spine n makes your eyes burn at the mere sight of him. anyway whoever you are... lets go camping at middle on the 11th...
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    Marine science

    i have applied for the marine science course at sydney uni as it is closer to home (6hrs) and has the course that i am looking for but last yr UAI was 80 or something. so newc at 70 is what ive got to fall back on. im just wondering wat it is like. what are the major things that the course...
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    equation question

    AE/AC = ED/CB ie. d/200 = 20/x then cross multiple therefore d=4000/x or dx=4000
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    year 12 muckup days

    we got a new asshole of a librarian so we covertly planned a moshpit in the library. we secretely hooked up a discman to the amp and speakers in the library and when 3rd period bell rang everyone... including juniors just started walking out of class and into the library and moshing to system of...
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    i hope the new single is in no way an indication of what to expect from the CD. i mean, i love wolfmother just as much as the next person but imo their new single sounds like shit compared to their previous songs.
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    mega roadtrip

    we'll be sleeping in the van n camping out tent style. we bargained this guy down to $500 for three vans, although we could only drive one home so we stripped the others to get the best parts. but we still gotta get rego, insurance etc.. it sure wont be the cheapest of outings. i think well be...
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    major works?

    just wondering what people made for their major projects? for metal i made a heavy duty sandpit digger. the dam thing took me 11 months of walking around the classroom aimlessly like a zombie, and 1 month of scurrying around like crazy. spent 10 hrs at school on the last sunday... now thats a...
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    mega roadtrip

    some friends and i have bought an old clapped out van and are planning a pretty mega roadtrip from the far south coast around the coastline to WA. with the price of petty n alchomohols we'll probly have to do some work fruit picking and the such along the way. fun fun. is anyone else heading in...
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    The Official Big Day Out 2006 Thread (stickied?)

    i think what the BDO needs is some cranking heavy band that will draw a crazy hugemungus mosh with some tribal drumming on the side. hell im talking about SOULFLY . where the fook are they? I WANT THEM RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!
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    Tricking / Martial Arts

    my friends used to do a lot of tricking at school in frees. simple stuff like flash kicks, b twists, aerials etc. its an awesome thing to watch... n then try when u have as much gymnastic ability as myself... none, but i did manage a wallflip. have a looksee at the videos on