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    How can i do Double Major at Syd. Uni?

    I did a double major with no issues. In 1st year I did the pre-reqs and then followed through in 2nd and 3rd year with the pre-reqs for the Major, as well we for Hons. Now doiing a Joint Hons in both my majors!
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    Subject Selections 2009

    HONS4000: Joint Honours PRFM4001: Honours A FILM4002: Honours B PRFM4003: Honours C FILM4004: Honours D
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    What are you selecting?

    Hehehe.. Everyone in 1st year does PHIL... I'm Honours.. so WOOT!
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    B Arts question

    I've just finished my BA. I did a double major (Performance/Film), but keep in mind, if you want the option of doing Honours, you will also need to do 48 credit points. I had to overload and ask for extra credit points so I could fulfill the 48 credit points for Joint Hon (which I'm doing this...
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    how many clubs have you joined?

    In 1st Year I joined 2, then in 2nd and 3rd Year I joined 2.. and for Honours Year.. I'll join the same 2. Plus I'm President of 1!
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    Are there any Film Studies courses at any universities in Sydney?

    I'm a Film major and none of the courses focus on screenwriting, I don't think you'd be looking to go to Uni if you wanted to go in that direction.
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    Throughout your time at USyd, what subjects have you loved doing?

    ANHS1601 Foundations for Ancient Rome was pretty awesome.. way back in 1st year I've loved: ARHT26.... Silent to Sound ARHT26 .... Cinema and Spectatorship RSLT2628: Religion and Film - OMG Chris Hartney is the BEST lecturer EVER PRFM36... Theories of Acting PRFM360... Embodied Histories
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    Art history and theory

    I am technically an Art Hist Major (well Film Studies) and I have absolutely loved the past 3 years. Can't really speak too much for the Art Hist side, but the courses cover a lot of history, but if you are looking for theory, then perhaps not the right major.
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    Arty Starty Day ...

    I'm a Blue Group Mentor.. It's going to be a very big day! So start getting excited!!!!
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Scary that I found a comment I made on this exact thread 2 years ago about how excited I was about going to Arty Starty Day.. and now it's the second time I've been a mentor!!!
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    Poor Baby! You'll just have to wait till next O- Week!
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    someone tell me

    Oh that's bad luck... everyone knows that USYD has the 5th best Faculty of Arts in the world... And that's coming from an Arts kid herself :)
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    niteshade1312 Bachelor of Arts (Performance Studies/ Film Studies) III
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    reality check of uni?

    You bought all your books already?! Oh goodness! I don't think I've ever bought a book before semester started and I'm overly organised!!! Seriously, if you're a newbie... just play it all by ear! Don't be eagerly prepared.. won't help you out. It's like wearing a giant "NEWBIE" sign on your...
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    Sorry but I'm doing a BA and I only need a credit average for honours.. not sure where you're getting your information! Depends on the department where you want to do honours.. each have different pre- requs..
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    reality check of uni?

    I feel like such an oldie on this thread.. only popped on to help you newbies :P
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    Yay Arty Starty Day! I get to taunt .. I mean.. 'meet' some of you Newbies!!! Definately a great way of meeting some people and although the day is quite an 'interesting' one to say the least, an easy way of meeting people in some of your courses and faculty!
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    I think we should be supporting the Union and buying the Access Cards... not sure about new benefits but I'm on an exec.. so I need it :P
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    P.S. Yes, one must be part of Access to join societies! Also if you're doing Ancient.. get ready for the best lecturere ever! ALASTAIR!!! OMG.. he's the reason I kept doing it.. and then dropped it once I got another lecturer
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    Back to the subject of O- Week. I think it's a great way to meet people and people with your interests. If you are going to be 15, then I would definately suggest going along because not to be rude, but it may be more difficult meeting people at that age. However, meeting people with similar...