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    The Melbourne life

    I'm from Sydney, but study in Melbourne. Not at Melb Uni, but hey. In reply to your theories: 1. There are better shops here if you're into the designer thing, but other than that, pretty much the same. The big shopping centres here (Southland, Chaddie, Knox, etc) are bigger than at home...
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    i know Q9 is right, like D coz my teacher told us so after the exam, not sure bout the rest though! that's amazing we got the same answers...maybe we're right!!! doubt it though
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    Whats so bad about...

    glad i dont have to do that sort of stuff... i'm lucky, all i have to do is write like about 1000 words(which might be the problem) on why i want to do a human movement course at csu... might take me a while to get that much, dont think it'll end up being that long...oh well
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    i didnt mind the exam it was good overall... didnt like the packaging stuff, had no idea wot it was asking!! My MC answers: B, A (had no idea), B,B, A, C, B, B, D, C
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    Whats so bad about...

    i havent got mine yet, but it said for my course that it wouldnt be sent until november, so im not really worrying yet
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    Easier than trial??

    um i think it was easier than the trial cept for the russia questions, we had more general questions in the trial, however kollontai as bout the same!!
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    Cool MH is over! :)

    i thought it was absolutelt brilliant!!! Russia was pretty staright forward... wrote 6 pages Kollontai question was way easy... wrote 7 or 8 and the UN questions were both basically the same!!!...wrote 10 pages!!!which is absolutely amazing!!!
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    you are probably better getting into the course you want to do, over the uni, coz that way when you transfer you can get like credit points and stuff and wont necessarily have to repeat subjects
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    Whats so bad about...

    i so hope i dont have to do anything like that!!! i feel sorry for u!!! youll do fine
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    Whats so bad about...

    um i cant remember which ones i applied for, the single human movement and one of the double degrees
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    Does Any1 need Help?

    we did them in class, as a class, but also got given some sheets, depending on wot textbook u have, check in there, there maybe ottawa charters on each priority area in there??
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    is any1 else doing un, and do u think that i'll actually have to know stuff on the goings on of the organisation, or whether there will be a question on the crises??????
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    Whats so bad about...

    are any of u applyin for a scholarship???? do u really think ill have to get over 92 for my uai to get one... coz that is so not going to happen!!!!!
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    Whats so bad about...

    i plan on livin on campus, cooz i come from sydney also, however i live in penrith, so its only about 2 hours drive from my house, so much closer and cheaper than canberra, which was previously one of my number one preferences... do you know if they are havin an advisory day or anything at the...
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    Powerplay qn

    it was about the representation and text part of the study... i did 1984, and it was a political statement against stalin, well that's the way I took the question as being, maybe i was completely wrong
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    Whats so bad about...

    we have to fill in like a questionnaire thig, i hope i dont have to do somethin for everyone ive applied for coz i have like 3 or 4 courses down!!!! that would suck majorly... are u gonna live on campus????
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    Whats so bad about...

    i know it sucks that we have to fill out other stuff!!!! i just hope they let me in even if i screw up!!! here's hoping... im so glad i didnt miss out on applyin for scholarships, its so good that they dont actually close until after uni starts!
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    Conversation - Names

    why waste time thinking up names, there's not enough time in english exams anyway!!! no offence to ppl that did make up names, person 1 and person 2, is so much easier... in the letter the name was A. Car, and my feature article was written by Mr Alphabet, to give it true feature article set up.
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    Whats so bad about...

    hey wow, looks like there's a fair few ppl who wanna go there!!! yay im not alone, i didnt even look at any of their courses til like last saturday, and then discovered how much better there human movement courses are than newhere else!!! plus my dad says bathurst is a sports mad city, so i'll...
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    Help with Donne: PLEASE!

    our teacher told us, if all else fails, make a critic up... give them your views on Donne's poetry, or any view u choose