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    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    The Conjuring. Eh, it was okay...I've seen scarier, though. *shrugs*
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    Mark predictions!!! (adv.)

    I'm hoping for: Mod A: 16/17 Mod B: 13-14 Mod C: 16-17 Screwed B up pretty badly...
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    Frankenstein/Blade Runner Essay

    I talked about the "wretches" in Frankenstein and Bladerunner's strive (ambition, used them interchangeably) to find a purpose in life, to achieve true humanity, and through comparison of the parallels between both texts, we can perceive that it is the creations, not the creators (Tyrell/Victor)...
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    I loved it! Module A (BladeStein) was nice, wrote about the strive (the ambition) to be human and to have a purpose in life, Module C (Julius Caesar) was awesome, and Module B (Orwell) sucked arse. Only occurred to me that "time and place" meant "context" AFTER I left the exam. And I forgot some...
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    How many pages did you write?

    In total? 15. My hand hurt like a ***** afterwards. I think the supervisors got sick of me asking for extra booklets, lol. xD
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Hmmm...I definitely could have done better. I studied for Mark Antony/Pompey/Formation-Breakdown of the first and Second Triumvirates...DEFINITELY did not expect some of the stuff that we got. But after speaking to my teacher after the exam, I at least wrote about the right things for why the...
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    Is it true?

    I'd say you should at least learn the other four. What if you receive a question that asks about specific disadvantaged groups within Australia? It might be time-consuming, and seem like a waste of time, but if you know all six groups, then you will be armed with knowledge to better answer...
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    What do you think is the hardest science?

    Words can't describe how much I hate Chemistry. I should have dropped it instead of Biology...what was I thinking? :rage:
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    HSC 2013 Timetable Released

    Most of mine are all in the first week! :vcross: Gahh, I'll be so glad when this is over :D I can relax....for a month or two :)
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    Where are you hoping your marks will get you?

    :D In other words, what do you want to do after the HSC? And what ATAR are you hoping for? I'm hoping to get into teaching, myself :biglaugh: And I need an ATAR of 77, although around 80 would be awesome. :headbang:
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    What do you think is the hardest science?

    I have little patience with both maths and science, so I suppose I have a disadvantage there >.> So Bio obviously isn't as hard as Chem and Physics? I've never taken it, so I wouldn't know xD
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    How long should a 10 mark question be in pdhpe ?

    Generally your response should be double of what it's worth. So, if it's a ten-mark question, it should be around twenty lines. A page, page and a half, depending on how big your handwriting is, I suppose. >_< It's an easy formula to follow, and with the exception of English, you can apply it...
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    Is PDHPE a lot like Science (Bio?)

    PDHPE only overlaps slightly with Bio during Prelim, and even then it's just the names of muscles and bones, which don't apply to the actual HSC at all. Funnily enough, PDHPE overlaps A LOT with Biochemistry of movement (an elective in Chemistry!), with the energy systems and whatnot...
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    What do you think is the hardest science?

    I hate Chemistry so much. xD
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    HSC 2013 Timetable Released

    I'm scared now. :(
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    What do you think is the hardest science?

    Purely because I'm not science-orientated at all, (and yet made the mistake of picking it -.-), I would have to say Chemistry. Or Physics. Also, is PDHPE hypothetically a branch of science? :/
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    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    Hey! :D I'm currently taking: Advanced English Chemistry PDHPE Ancient History and General Mathematics :) I'm hoping for an ATAR of around 80, seeing as I only need 77 for my preferred course, but anything above would be AWESOME! :D
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    Is it about time i give up?

    Yes, a score above ninety is pretty unlikely. But, there are other ways of making it to university if you don't quite get the score you want. :)
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    Ways to manage stress for half-yearlies and HSC? :/

    Chocolate is my savior at the moment lol >_< Any study I do is counter-productive for me at the moment...good to know I'm not the only one, though :/
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    HSC life

    I think I'm at the stage where you go insane...Is that even a stage? If not, it should be, haha. I'm hating the HSC so far, but the good thing about it is that when it's over, it's OVER. >_< I can't wait for that moment when I finish my last exam...good result or not, I'll be glad to be rid of...