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    Help, law programs

    ANU will take you with bonus points if you're willing to move.
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    Do you understand shakespeares text without reading an analysis/summary?

    I found during the HSC that listening to an audio version of the play made a lot more sense as it was actually "dramatic" and thus quite easy to follow. Pre-reading no fear shakespeare/sparknotes/whatever to get a broad understanding of the plot, characters and major themes is a great place to...
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    Bachelor of International Studies (which language should I pick?)

    If you haven't learnt a language before, Indonesian would probably be a wiser choice as you don't have to learn a totally new script as well. However, either option is totally doable as long as you put your mind to it - which culture fascinates you more? Where can you see yourself travelling...
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    Estimate VS Real ATAR

    BOS: +-98 School: 98.5+ Matrix: 98.5 ATARCalculator: 98.6 Actual atar: 98.6
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    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    98.6 no maffs, no science, regional catholic skool I've made it boyz
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    All Rounders List

    Made it on the list and achieved my ultimate HSC goal!!!!!! Couldn't be happier. Congratulations to all allrounders!!!
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    English Adv 91 (Fuck yeah) Ancient 94 I'LL TAKE IT Modern History 93 :'( So much lower than internal SOR2 93. Proud of this! French 95 YEAHHHH!!!! History EXT 44 Don't know what happened man. 44. Fucking 44. One mark off. Dammit! Ah well you win some you lose some.
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    How to find out your overall rank in the state for a subject

    Hi guys! I know there is a way you can do this but I don't really know how. I was just wondering how you can find out your overall rank in comparison to the whole state in a subject? (for example, 500/1000 in English or something like that). Is it a part of the raw marks report or something...
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    HSC Marking Criteria 2015

    RIP ATAR I shouldn't have looked
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    Anyone receive an offer for Sydney Scholars Scholatship 2016?

    Those people who already got an offer - what faculty did you apply for? Sometimes they don't send these kind of things out at the same time... (at least that's what I'll tell myself ;) )
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    A question on outliers

    Hi !!!!, For history extension a girl in my class did a non-attempt of the project (I'm serious) and has gotten like D's for all the assessments. In the exam the other day she legitimately just highlighted the source and wrote "I'm stupid" in the paper book so I'm pretty sure that is a...
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    General Thoughts: History Extension

    Not really sure how I went on the core - I thought the question suited Thucydides, Windschuttle etc. really well. I basically argued that a historian is not a neutral observer as they play an integral role in the construction of history, with pretty much the factors surrounding them/their...
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    French Continuers

    I also chose C. It was about using music as therapy and she combined her love for psychology and music... very left of field reading, I feel like you'd have to know that music therapy is a thing haha... Clocheville was difficult - I found it hard to talk about just the 4th paragraph. The thing...
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    Predictions for 2015 HSC?

    My teacher thinks they'd be foolish to miss 100 years of Gallipoli...
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    French Continuers

    Did anyone else think that exam was harder than normal? Well I think mostly that Clocheville reading was super weird, writing and reading and responding were fine. Listening felt like not enough time to respond!! What did you all put for the multichoice?
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    multiple choice?

    yeah i thought it was harder than normal
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I assumed "British Empire troops" would mean troops from the actual Empire lol #misconstruing ... but yeah probably a case of "most right" answer being British Empire troops, i kinda just assumed they were going to France ???
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    French Continuers

    Speaking my first question was "what do you normally do after school everyday" so i was a bit like yeahhhh just come home and do nothing I felt like I spoke super fast, got through all the topics though, really honestly though I don't think you can know how you went in speaking haha
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Still not really sure how I feel about this exam... I feel like it was a big trap! WW1 was alright, I don't know if my source analysis was any good but it has always been my downfall, I found the sources difficult to extract info from... I think multi choice/short answers were very...
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    2015 indochina predictions

    An essay specifically on nature + role of communism or peace making is surely too specific - they would have to include another either option/another option that was a dotpoint one of the overriding themes? Surely to goodness they wouldn't be too cruel....I hope